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The Winter Coat

As the weeks get colder, the coats are pulled out of storage and become fixated on our bodies. So make sure you don’t look like the homeless people in the central station tunnel and wear coats which are amazing pieces on their own.

I own roughly 40 jackets, coats, boleros, cardigans and trenches. I wear ALL of them CONSTANTLY through winter; some are recent additions bought this season, some are vintage, others are by designers and there are also a few which were under $100.00. I LOVE COATS!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE. Everyone needs the following 10 coats in their wardrobe in order to combine statement fashion with winter warmth.

1. Traditional Trench – As I’ve said before Burberry does the best  but for those who cant afford one, most chain stores do great alternatives. Just look for one in the hue that suits you the most, some will suit brown others  a softer nude. (A little hint for those who are desperate for a Burberry – go to the kids department! Most women will fit into the kids sizes and they are roughly half the price).

2. Black Blazer – Fitted is a MUST, the blazer should have a broad collar and a button under the breast to keep it neat and tailored. It should end at your hips and be breathable yet firm.

3. Shouldered Jacket – The must have of the season, a great jacket with embellished shoulders in either a padded fixture or embellished design. Generally this jacket is in a neutral colour and the shoulders do the talking.

4. Leather Jacket – A perfect casual look for the weekend; fitted looks perfect on most people but a great vintage bomber jacket also works well. Don’t try to be to creative with your colours as leather jackets are expensive and colours date; black is the way  to go.

5. Bolero – Your wardrobes bolero is a statement piece that can be all YOU! A bolero finishes at the waist and is a very cute accessory to any outfit.

6. Colour – Everyone should own a coat or jacket in a simple cotton but BRIGHT colour.  Go with a colour that suits your skin tone and represents your personality. My favourite brightly coloured coat is in a blood red and I LOVE it.

7. The Grandpa Cardi – The perfect warm add-on to any weekend look. The grandpa cardi looks great in grey or beige and should be slightly over-sized.

8. Thick Knit – For those REALLY cold days. French Connection does some great thick, long knits which are perfect for those horrible icy mornings when a trench just wont cut it.

9. Poncho – A poncho creates a fantastic eclectic look inspired by bohemian eras. Easy to throw on and very warm (if you choose the right fabrics) a poncho is a timeless classic.

10. THE STATEMENT –  This is the ONE item of clothing that you can always fall back onto in winter when you’ve ended up in a boring, drab outfit. Your statement coat/trench WHATEVER! will be a piece of brilliance that is represented through a brilliant style, design, cut, colour, fabric, pattern or all of these things combined!

So if you haven’t got these then hop to it because if you haven’t noticed its getting chillier by the night!


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