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Some ME Time

There are certain stages in one’s life when they are without certain people that make up the majority of their life; these people are those that you talk to most days, see all the time and can’t imagine not spending any time with.  Two of these people in my life are my two female best friends and I have known one of them for over a decade and the other is literally like my left lung.

Any normal girl is well aware that their best friend is as important to them as a guy’s right hand is to a guy. (Or left I guess in some cases) A girl’s best friend is someone we use for pretty much everything from guidance and spoon partners when there are no men present to a bossy mother when we are making the wrong decisions.

I am so used to having both my best friends in my life in such major roles that the month of July is going to be quite a tough one with the both of them MIA. One is having a boyfriend return from Europe after 6 months apart so it’s unlikely she will emerge from her bedroom and the other is traveling to Europe for the ENTIRE month. What’s a girl to do!!! I guess it’s time for ME!!!

Let’s face it we’ve all been there and the sad thing is that most women can’t stand their own company (I am an eccentric old women in a 21 year olds body and LOVE it) thus I thought I should bestow some ‘enjoying me time’ tips for you – as the old adage goes, if you can’t enjoy your own company well your certainly not going to be too much fun to anyone else are you?

  • Exercise and try to get skinny for summer (unlikely but a nice concept )
  • Read books and broaden your knowledge and understanding of different topics
  • Spend time with your other friends who are probably neglected sometimes due to the monopolization of your best friend
  • Watch a box set (or 5) and eat berries and popcorn
  • Spend time with your poor old neglected boyfriend
  • Enjoy arts and crafts (it really is a big ball of fun)
  • Create mini-spas at home
  • Create projects for yourself whether it be re-organizing your wardrobe or putting together an album

When it comes down to it – EVERYONE needs ME time. Time to think, reflect and enjoy your OWN company. So when you’re ‘got-to’ girls go away, use the time and enjoy it to its full potential.


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2 thoughts on “Some ME Time

  1. HAHAHAHA!! jaz being referred to as the ‘neglected old boyfriend’ hhehe! i will still be here kel.. my smell will be lingering around your apartment and my camel face forever haunting your dreams! Love your left lung xoxoxoxo

  2. Regina Phalange on said:

    a little offended.

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