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A Beach Girl – Turned City Girl…Turned Country Girl?

The weekend has arrived with full force after yet another very exciting week that flashed before my very eyes. The week has seen the anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death, Australia’s first female prime minster, my new intern and a really great swim which has given me 3 day aching arms.

So with the arrival of the weekend comes a new adventure for me (well not new really but an adventure that hasn’t been visited for 6 months) – a weekend in the country.

Now some people consider me a country girl as I grew up in the middle of no-where but TRUST ME I am not. I moved from Sydney to a small beach town when I was 5 and was brought up frolicking around in the ocean, walking around year long in thongs and believing that ‘cold’ was our winters average of 16 degrees.

Fast forward 13 years and I moved back to Sydney met my current boyfriend who was from the country and learned what country life actually was. As I can tell you now there were no milking cows, sifting for gold or camping on the paddocks in my childhood.

Although I would love to come across as this bohemian free spirit who grew up in the ocean I hardly pass of as the true image of the Forster lifestyle;

  • I’ve never properly been able to stand up on a surf board
  • I DID NOT enjoy the ‘sayno’ dance nights
  • I did NOT consider ‘billabong’ as the height of clothing sophistication and luxury
  • My youth was not spent watching kids skate at the skate park (mostly as they would have thrown things at me due to my irrevocable ugliness)
  • I consider fishing murder
  • I was shipped off to a private school 45 minutes away thus never experienced ‘gunna go for a surf after school’ that actually would have been nice (well lying on the board)

Considering my previous country experiences and how much I was plagued with nightmares after the following occurred I also don’t think I’m a country girl;

  • There was the one time I was enjoying the sun in a nice seat outside only to look down and see a snake rearing its slimly head at me bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *run away*
  • The time I was trying to master my way over a fence only to topple into the largest pile of horse/cow excrement you could imagine – not happy
  • Or there was that lovely time (actually its happened a few times) where I was enjoying a book in front of the country fire only to hear a gunshot – yes that would be my boyfriend’s father shooting defenseless animals
  • I was once having a shower only to hear an odd noise, look up and see an evil bat wriggling its way through the air vent (no I am not kidding) – the naked screaming dash through the house was none to appreciated

So as you can see from above as much as I would like to pass of as a ‘beachy’ or ‘country’ girl (everyone in the city thinks your uber nice and interesting if you are) it saddens me to admit that I am very much so a city girl at heart and I think the following proves this;

  • I’ve (I hate admitting this) started turning my nose up at the ‘suburbs’
  • Enjoy the eclectic fashion a little bit too much and have a fashion obsession which would rival Rachael Zoe
  • I love the hustle and bustle of people all the time and always having places to go and things to see – there is always a new gallery, bar, restaurant opening etc
  • I’ve mastered the art of ducking and weaving through traffic so well I reckon I could give the Liverpool kids a run for their money
  • I do not think it’s weird to have my entire life sorted through a calendar, work for 10+ hours per day and be constantly attached to my iphone

So I’m not proud of it but I am ready to accept that I am now a fully fledged city girl who loves the fine, superficial things in life and I am not afraid to admit it. Luckily my beach roots and the occasional visit to the country keep me well aware of what’s real and important and this fashionista will be spending the weekend barefaced, trackie clad rolling around with puppies.

So are you a bohemian, beachy free spirit, a country bumpkin, or a leather clad, cab hailing city dweller?

Have a great weekend everyone!


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2 thoughts on “A Beach Girl – Turned City Girl…Turned Country Girl?

  1. Loved this post 🙂

    Haha. The list of country experiences was great! The gunshot and bat are classics.

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