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It’s FanTAXtic

The end of the financial year is almost as good as the end of the actual year; although we don’t have celebrations with family and friends and many a summer party and Christmas gifts – we do have the inevitable extra dosh shipped straight into our accounts with no added obligations.

Yes that’s right its TAX time!

This time of year come with the expectations of AT LEAST an extra $1000 + and we then begins the process of rubbing our hands together in glee thinking of all the goodies awaiting us.

So I’m here today to give you 15 ideas on what to spend that precious TAX money on as it DOES seem to disappear VERY quickly and VERY easily!

  1. A New Wardrobe – Would be SO much fun (the shopping with so much clothes money) AND you would look just FAB!
  2. A HUGE Weekend – Just imagine the hotel room in the city, endless drinks, illicit substances (I joke), a brand spanking new outfit, day time massages and eating at the best restaurants in town.
  3. A Holiday – $1000 will get you a beautiful weekend away on the coast of Australia; Nelsons Bay, Byron Bay, Gold Coast, Port Douglas and Cairns are my favourite coastal destinations. For $2000 you can go to Fiji, Vanuatu, Bali or Hamilton Island for a week – enjoy the sun whilst it’s still bitterly cold in Australia!
  4. Invest It – Boring I know but you could potentially double your money in a few short months.
  5. Give It to Charity – (Gah! Make the rest of us look bad!)
  6. Host a Party – Buy a load of cocktail ingredients and canapés and invite all your friends around!
  7. Get Your Hair Done – One of my friends recently paid big bucks for a haircut – so worth it, she’s never looked better. $1000 will get you a whole new do; a cut, colour, foils, and extensions YOU NAME IT; good hair is imperative to any fashionista or beauty queen.
  8. Pay off Debt – DO IT! If you have loans/credit cards etc PAY THEM OFF!
  9. Save It – Another boring option but if you put it into a interest savings account you can earn money by just leaving it in there – save it for something REALLY special!
  10. Home Deco – Give your home an interior makeover, paint those walls, buy a GORGEOUS new rug or some Missoni throws.
  11. New Technology – Get the new iphone 4.0, ipad, a new home theater system  or a new laptop. Start the new financial year in technological style!
  12. Personal Trainer – Use the cash to get in the best shape of your life by hiring a personal trainer – they really DO work.
  13. Splurge at Ticketmaster – Set up your entertainment for the next year with tickets to everything from Parklife to Michael Buble.
  14. Jewelry– You finally have the money to purchase the Dior bracelet you have been lusting over, so go for it!
  15. Lavish Gifts – I do think that your tax money should be spent on yourself however for those really special gems in your life; perhaps they deserve something extra special!

Have a great weekend!


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