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To Squeeze or not to Squeeze?

Suffering from bad skin through most of my adolescents – I remember my mother constantly telling me that once I reached adulthood I would no longer get blemishes. HA. The stupid girl that I was awoke on her 18th birthday with a sense of freedom ‘ahh that’s the end of bad skin for good’!

Yeah no such luck. The prevailing years have incorporated momentary periods of a backlash of blemishes and there always seems to be some sort of pest lingering on my face. LUCKILY (otherwise I probably wouldn’t venture outside) I do have the amazing bouts of clear, glowing skin which I think I rightfully deserve after years of suffering while my two best friends winged about the occasional pattern of sweat pimples – Bitches.

So after a decade of bouts of bad skin I do think I am possibly the queen of blemish care – (wow I really didn’t ever think I would be claiming that).

The biggest blemish issue is the dreaded pimple; quite possibly a bigger pest than the New Zealand accent (sorry guys).

A pimple is a small skin lesion or inflammation of the skin – they are oil glands (sebaceous glands) that are infected with bacteria, become inflamed, and then fill up with pus.  (Gross I know but EVERYONE has had one in their lives) Pimples are caused when the sebaceous glands located at the base of hair follicles become overactive.

There is so much information on the internet, in pharmacies and through advertising that it’s hard to know what truths are actually involved in many treatments/ care etc so as a blemish care veteran I have tried, tested and used everything under the sun.  So what is actually true in association to pimples?

  • Most doctors, naturopaths and skin specialists have different opinions on the diet associated with blemishes; some believe it is directly associated with pimples others think our diet has no reflection on our skin whatsoever. I can guarantee you that it does. I am a key example – I will wake on a Monday with a pest on my chin the size of a small house, all week I eat well, exercise, get 9 hours of sleep per night and arrive Friday I have clear skin without a blemish in sight. Two days, 4 hangover meals, less than 6 hours sleep and 40000000 alcoholic beverages later I awaken once again on a Monday looking more Susan Boyle than the glowing temptress I was on Friday. It’s a vicious cycle and I TRULY believe it can be directly linked to my diet and lifestyle.
  • Pimples are not a representation of a dirty person – in fact the opposite applies, I have actually been told that my product abuse has certain inflictions on my skin – by using to many cleansing solutions I am getting rid of TOO MUCH oil thus my skin is over-producing the stuff.
  • The pill works wonders (sorry to the blokes) honestly my mother put me on it when I was a wee 14 (with no intention of using it for anything other than skin treatment) and it was the ONLY thing that ever worked.
  • The biggest argument when it comes to pimples is ‘To Squeeze or not to Squeeze’- My answer is SQUEEZE god dammit!! There is nothing more satisfying than getting the little shit and there is nothing MORE DISGUSTING than a person walking around with a pus infested pimple attached to their face.

So here are my tips in getting it;

  1. If you are at work and feel it brewing DO NOT SQUEEZE IT WITHOUT SUPPLIES – go home early and treat it there
  2. Soak it with HOT water to soften it
  3. Prick with a sterilized pin (generally go in almost as deep as the actual pimple)
  4. With a tissue and short nails press on both sides to release the infection (if it doesn’t come easily prick again)
  5. If it hurts put up with it as leaving it half squeezed will only make the infection fester and worsen by the minute
  6. Once everything is out scrub with a cleanser and don’t forget the surrounding area
  7. On a small pimple hold a gentle toner against it (e.g. witch hazel), on a big sucker hold something stronger (e.g. mentholated sprits) – this is to assist in drying it out.
  8. Moisturize using only a natural cream on and around the affected area.
  9. Apply treatment cream or serum to affected area
  10. Repeat daily until infection subsides

(As a side note after it is completely gone apply rosehip oil twice daily to treat the damaged skin – this prevents scaring)

The best pimple treatments are –

  • Ella Bache – Crème Intex No. 2:  A multi-purpose, spot treatment cream that draws out impurities and heals the skin. Can be used on pimples, blackheads and used to prevent ingrown hairs after waxing. Works WONDERS!!

  • Benzac – Reduces bacteria by up to 94%!!!! I love this stuff it does dry out the skin but it does the trick and kills any pest apparent on your face. It is available in 2.5%, 5%, and 10%. Start at the lowest and work your way up as some peoples skin may be to sensitive for the 10%.


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5 thoughts on “To Squeeze or not to Squeeze?

  1. Margaret Northam on said:

    In my experience pimples are all to do with hormones, and nothing really helps, when you are pregnant or go through change of life pimples are not a problem, so there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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