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So Glossy

I admit it –

I am a magazine whore.

The joy and anticipation as I wait for my next issue to arrive beats unwrapping gifts (mainly because I know I’m going to like what’s inside); they fill me with more glee than a fat kid in a candy store and I cherish every moment spent with a glossy in my hands. I am well aware that I spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on magazines per year and I couldn’t care less as I LOVEEEEE THEM!

There are certain rules associated with magazines that I adhere to like Atkins dieter adheres to throwing away bread –

  • NO ONE is allowed to read my magazine before me; I like them to be in pristine condition when I open them.
  • I firstly flick through them and bookmark interesting stories/interviews/product spiels or fashion stories and then come back to read them. The THIRD time I go through the magazine I pretty much read it from cover to cover fully absorbing the interesting and mandatory information that they bestow and dictate upon me.
  • Magazines should not be torn, spilt on or ripped otherwise the person responsible will expect to deal with my wrath.
  • To me a magazine is not disposable AKA if you borrow one RETURN IT

The above becomes abundantly clear to anyone who has ever been to my place as there are literally PILES of my precious glossies stacked on every available surface (in a decorative form of course). They are all in pristine condition and are usually categorized by month and brand.

My Favourite Magazines are as follows;

1. Vogue Possibly the greatest thing ever invented and my bible; it is studied religiously.

Best for – Fashion pages, features on designers and all things luxury.

Worst for – The fact that in my current position I can’t afford the majority f what is presented to me.

Read It – On holidays, in traffic, or in bed.

2. MadisonI love love love this magazine!

Best for – Fashion pages, features, health and beauty, holiday and home decoration ideas.

Worst for – Its targeted at 30+ women but it’s still FANTASTIC

Read It – On holidays, at the gym, in the bath or on the couch.

3. Marie Claire Jackie Frank is a true visionary and my inspiration

Best for – The fashion and the celebrity features

Worst for – Its targeted at 30+ women but it’s still FANTASTIC

Read It – At the gym, on holidays, in traffic or in the car

4. Harpers BazaarGreat fashion mixed with an eclectic mix of journalistic, health and beauty features

Best for – The fashion

Worst for – Its the most expensive monthly magazine

Read It – In the bath!

5. GraziaPerfect for when you have a need for something trash-tastic to read without succumbing to NW or Cleo

Best for – The gossip, cheap fashion, and the fact that its weekly

Worst for – Telling the truth?

Read It – Travelling, at the hairdressers or waiting in, line.

So if you please excuse me I’m going to go bury my head in the new Harpers – Jen is on the front and as per usual when confronted with her head I am racked with jealousy!


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One thought on “So Glossy

  1. Margaret Northam on said:

    kel, I hope you get some free mags out of this , great article by the way, as are all your articles, I really enjoy reading them. They are informative, well written and funny, you are such a talented young lady and will go far in this field mark my words.

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