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You Fat Piece of SH**

I have not been this disgusted and this pissed off for quite some time –

Honestly what is the western society coming to? Are we seriously that f**ked up in the head that some of us think it’s funny, interesting and even sexy to watch an already morbidly obese woman push her body to even further limits by trying to reach her goal weight of 450 kilos or 1000 pounds?

Yes ladies and gentlemen you read correctly – this fat piece of shit has her own website where people not only go on to PAY to watch her eat, but also to ‘donate’ money towards her ‘cause’ of becoming the fattest woman on earth.

Never before have I been so appalled at the state of the world – we are now not only accepting of this kind of indulgent and gluttonous behaviour but ENCOURAGING it!

Extract from the site – ‘Donna Simpson has become one of the most famous SuperSized Web Models in the world. Her appeal to thousands of admirers worldwide has catapulted her from suburban housewife to “internet phenomenon” in a little over three months.’

This woman to kindly put it should be locked away somewhere because what she is doing has more moral implications than the cheating site;

Moral Implication ONE – This woman has two children yet she is eating herself to death, she also has a fiancé. Now I know people who have lost their parents at a young age and I even know someone who lost her fiancée and I can guarantee you that these people would be even more furious than me about this riled up topic. And what about her poor parents, after they all say that a parent should never bury their child yet they are clearly watching her slowly kill herself. Losing your spouse, parent , or child is bad enough in terms of heartbreak, loss and abandonment so how on earth can the public accept and encourage this women who is as it appears slowly attempting suicide IN FRONT of her supposed ‘loved ones’.

Moral Implication TWO – This is what truly breaks my heart; there are currently 300 million children in Africa ALONE who are starving and most probably will die young from starvation itself or from the implications associated with it.

This fat shit is not only eating enough to satisfy 24 children per day in nourishment but people are PAYING for her to do it. Are they SERIOUS! If you want to pay for someone to eat, how about you pull your head out of your self-absorbed and ignorant assholes and pay to feed the people that actually need it – not this MASSIVE waste of space.

As let’s face it the only thing this fat piece of shit would be good for is to block the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico –



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7 thoughts on “You Fat Piece of SH**

  1. jwow on said:

    agree with all of the above. great example of what is wrong with the world: materialistic consumerists -people need to get their priorities straight. well said.

  2. Sophie B on said:

    Leave Donna alone! I had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful and generous woman in 1996 when she was only 150kgs. She was both beautiful on the outside and in, and we have no right to judge her for her weight.
    You go Donna! My prayers are with you xx

    • kellyleemccarren on said:

      I was never judging her for her weight? Well I was and quite rightly, but that wasn’t the point of this article. I was simply pointing out that she is selfish and disgusting and stupid. I am sure she is a lovely woman but that does not make her a good person.

      BTW this article is like over a year old. The fatty is probably dead now.


  3. Goober on said:

    Stop saying such hurtful things about Donna Simpson.

  4. In a wold that thousands of children die in Somalia right now due to famine, it makes me extremely upset to see how ignorant this woman is. With increasing demands on the healthcare system and overwhelming strains on fundings, she must take responsibility to return to her normal weight or suffer a gradual suicide. clock is ticking….

  5. Please don’t blame one person for the woes in Somalia;

    ‘Somalia had a middle functioning government following the United Somali Congress (USC) ouster of Major General Siad Barre in 1991. The political situation of the Somali Civil War has been marked by chaos, interclan fighting, random banditry, internecine warfare between proto-governments and resistance to the state. The breakaway country such as Somaliland and Puntland put together functional regional governance. In the rest of the country there are a wide range of semi-functional governments and anarchic conditions under various warlords (History of Somalia (1991-2006)).

    In 2000, the international community recognised the Transitional National Government, originally headed by Abdulkassim Salat Hassan, as the government for the entire country. The government only recently was able to enter the capital because of the violence occurring within the country(see Fall of Mogadishu).’

    Yes, I agree, she is very fat but people waste thousands of dollars on all sort of crap and this money could be used to feed the world, IF, and this is a big IF, there so call governments were not completely corrupt.

  6. note to Goober God is not hearing your prayer for Donna! She has a wicked mind! Lina is right and I’m glad to find someone else in america who believes this is wrong!!!!!! GO LINA! Totally on your side!!!!!

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