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Just in case you haven’t guessed yet – I love to shop.

This weekend included a very successful shopping spree on my behalf but as usual I saw too many people buying the wrong things!!

My rules for a shopping spree are –

1. Buy something ONLY if you love it – Do not buy something simply because it’s a certain label and half off. Your wardrobe should be filled only with pieces that you truly love and that represent your style.

2. Think about it – If something costs quite a lot don’t buy it on impulse – go away and think about it before jumping right in. Most places will hold for an hour or so, so don’t worry about someone else nabbing it.  If you can’t stop thinking about something it means you should buy it if you think “eh” LEAVE IT!

3. LOOK! – Sometimes you need to dig for great pieces; never buy an outfit straight of a model as 1000 other girls will have done the same, this brings me to my next rule –

4. Don’t go to mainstream – If you want your look to be an actual look then you need to avoid shopping constantly at places like Bardot, Supre and Sportsgirl. Why? Every other girl shops there and you all look like MASSIVE clones. True style is a representation of personality mixed with fashion not ‘catalogue’ looks.

5. Be honest – Don’t buy something ‘just because’, if it doesn’t look good on you then TRUST your gut instinct. Even if your mum is telling you that you look beautiful you know what really works.

I will use Saturday’s shopping expedition and my purchases as an example of maximizing my rules –

Buy 1. A retro inspired shirt from French Connection in a BRIGHT deep pink with huge black polka dots on it – I walked into the store and the colour and pattern jumped out at me, I bought it, simple as that. The tip with this kind of purchase is a self taught rule; when you enter a shop money should be spent on something that jumps out at you. People get astounded when shopping with me as I will walk in and walk straight out as I can gauge straight away weather or not a store is worth my time.

Buy 2. A purple, silk skirt in a full cut – floor length. Yes indeed extremely similar to the one that our very own Carrie Bradshaw wore in SATC2 when she ran into Aiden. I got this amazing find from Charlie Brown and saw the cut and colour just entering the door – cue the try on and purchase.

Buy 3. Winter necessity – Flannel pajamas. I but a new pair each year and this year I got a fabulous zebra print pair from The Intimates Store – case in point something I needed yet fell in love with the moment I set my greedy little eyes upon them.

Buy 4. Four pairs of Elle Macpherson intimate undies –  In a GORGEOUS array of soft pinks and French lace.

Buy 5. A silk black blazer from Forecast – an excellent winter buy. Something to keep me warm without looking to corporate (silk material) when I go out.

Buy 6. An embellished head band in cream from Alannah Hill – Perfect accessory which can be worn day to day or dressed up with a hairstyle to the races.

Buy 7. AlannahHill black fingerless gloves in lace – gorgeous!!!!!! I LOVE! Being lace they won’t keep my hands very warm however they look damn fine!

Buy 8. Black basic long sleeved shirt form Barkins – This purchase may seem boring but I was actually very excited. This piece should be in every woman’s wardrobe and I have had the same one for 7 years without it fading, stretching, etc and I have worn it ALOT! So I was very chuffed to find the same shirt as I now have a new great shirt that will last for another 7 years!

Buy 9. Black, backless dress with a lace bodice and tulle underlay from Glebe Markets – So CUTE! And an absolute steal!

Buy 10. Black harem pants from Glebe markets – They are a gorgeous cut and extremely comfortable – perfect addition to my office attire!

So as you can see my 10 buys were all things that I absolutely LOVED, adhered to my rules yet added essentially to my wardrobe!


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