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On the 22nd Of May this year I was scouring David Jones attempting to find one of my best friends a birthday gift – her birthday was the next day.

The problem with me and gifts is that I always want to get people something that is so perfect that it generally takes me a lonnnnngggggg time to give people their gifts as I spend so long choosing them/preparing them etc.

This is why my beautiful Aunty still hasn’t received her 50th birthday gift (sorry) which was due In April, why my other best friend received her Christmas gift in March and why my mum still hasn’t received a mother’s day gift. In every other aspect of life I am quite possibly the most organised and punctual person – but when it comes to people that I love ridiculously IM TERRIBLE AT GIVING GIFTS ON TIME. (Perhaps it could actually be seen as a compliment; if you DON’T get a gift of me straight away – it just means your extra special!)

Anyway back to my point – so I was scouring around David Jones my cards already moaning in protects whereon I decided on the Clinique skincare range so my beautiful friend would spend her 23rd year wearing beautiful skin! (Cute huh!)

As I was finalising my purchase I realised I was in desperate need of a blush – cue the sales assistant’s glee at having an extra $50 tapped on to the extensive receipt. She handed me one telling me the colour would go beautifully, it was a great product blah blah blah and I just accepted it due to being in a rush to actually get to this friends birthday party. (In case you were interested we were late due to another friend idiotically locking her keys in the car.)

If I thought she would actually care I would go back and hug this woman – SHE KNEW HER SHIT! I have never had a blush like it – I LOVVVEEEE IT! Reasons why;

  • It is in a powder formula yet glows creamily on my cheeks
  • Is the best possible transient colour – a mix of pinks, tan etc
  • Gives me cheekbones to rival my skinny bitch of a sister
  • Is just….just…the best thing ever!

‘Blushing Blush Powder Blush’

Defining moment for cheeks. Silky formula sweeps effortlessly over cheekbones to create a natural look. Fresh, jet-milled colour builds to desired intensity with custom-sculpting brush. Long-wearing. Stays colour-true. Oil-free.

This magical stuff is available from Myer, David Jones and selected beauty retailers – go in – get colour matched and GET IT! Its amaaaazzzinnggg!


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