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I’ve Learnt (Part One)

It has been 3 days, 6 outfits and 60 standard drinks since my blog on Friday and in that period I remember approximately 24 hours out of the 48 – not good. So not good that I have decided to give up on drinking….yes that may only last a few days but the aches in my liver, kidneys and prevalent bout of alcohol poisoning have made me hope that I may be able to at least learn from the once-again-made-mistake of Binge Drinking to the extent that borders on suicidal.

So even though certain parts of the weekend are a blur a few things were learnt – and no not just in relation to thinking it’s a smart idea to juggle 40 cupcakes after drinking my body weight in champagne –

10 things which were learnt or re-affirmed this weekend –

1. Men HATE fake tan – Now I was truly shocked when I found this out – It makes us look so amazing! I blame the feral girls who have no idea. When it comes to men’s judgment, their perception of fake tan is tarnished by tangerine, skinny 18 year olds or the pasty chubby girls with a body covered in orange streaks. Because trust me a good fake is hard to spot thus the beautiful girls are actually wearing it. MEN just don’t know! So if you are a serial offender in tarnishing the name of a good fake tan perhaps you should learn to get it right!

2. Alcohol RUINS your ‘strut’ – I’ve blasted about girls tottering around in heels sober before however I realised that many girls who can walk beautifully in heels sober look like Martians in their 12inchs once inebriated. Note to self: If you are anticipating a HUGE night perhaps lose the platforms and don some cute flats instead.

3. There are some truly horrendous Smoky Eyes on the market – If you can’t do it – GO SIMPLE. There is nothing worse than a grown adult looking like she’s a 3 year old who just raided her mother’s beauty draw. Learn to master the Smoky Eye or don’t wear it!

4. Hangovers make you want to die – I hadn’t had a bad one in a while so the hangover that hit me yesterday literally meant that I couldn’t physically stand up straight. Not good. I would have gladly let someone put me out of my misery.

5. A good night dose not equal BLIND – My boozy antics on Saturday day/night were simply a common occurrence in the life of Kelly and I’m finally realising that I can have just a fun night with 5 bottles of champagne over 15 – the question is restraint.

6. New Friendships – Are formed when you venture out if your comfort zone ‘drinks and dinner with the same groups of people’. Not only are new friendships made when you go somewhere different with a different group of people but it’s also a great way to network yourself and get as many contacts as possible!

7. Coke does not always work wonders – I was very disappointed yesterday in my usual fall-back man. My friend who usually helps me in all states of sickness (I think it’s the sugar and coldness) did NOT do his trick yesterday. Very disappointed Mr Coke – VERY DISAPPOINTED.

8. Sydney has some of the worlds most beautiful women – Not only in the groups that I was with on Saturday but in general! (However this could be a combination of beer goggles and nice venues)

9. Hugo’s is awesome – Being my first time there, I fell in LOVE. A mix of great drinks, chilled music and beautiful people made me one very happy camper.

10. EAT – Once again forgoing one of my main rules and I forgot to eat all day and night – mix that with the alcohol equivalent of the Nile – cue the extensive memory loss that ensued. LINE YOUR TUMMY!


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