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Australias Next Top Model?

Australia’s Next Top Model Premiered on Fox 8 last night much to the delight of fans all over the country desperate for a look into one of the world’s most controversial and seemingly glamorous professions.

Never been an addict myself  I can still appreciate the addictiveness as I watch old repeats; the mix of beauty, scandal, bitchiness and glamour is intoxicating.

It amuses me highly that the network still labels the show with the Top Model tagline, as the association between model and top signifies the best or the supers of the world. The one namers; Gisele, Claudia, Elle, Naomi, Helena and the likes.

The only previous winner of ANTM who has even slightly become something a success is the beautiful Alice Burdeu who graced the cover of Australian Vogue not long after her win and who has been strutting the catwalks for some of the world’s top designers.

The other winners are not so lucky; these ‘top models’ are so far of the modeling radar its not even smelling distance anymore. The second series winner Ebony is currently waitressing tables in east Sydney while her follow up winner in season three Demelza has been seen walking around at festivals with enough cellulite to cover several postcodes.

Despite this, thousands of young hopeful’s line up year after year hoping to get their big break through reality TV; failing to realize that scouts walk around constantly and WILL spot you if you are worth spotting.

16 girls made the cut this year and to be honest although I’m sure they photograph well in general they are pretty offensive looking.

My clear favorite is Sophie –

However in true model form her dumbness seems apparent with the following interview answer;

“I think I have an edge over the other contestants with my unique blonde hair and blue eyes”


Sorry to burst your bubble sweetie but every second Australian girl has blue eyes and blonde hair. We are VERY generic! You’re hot but you’re not unique thus why Alice is the only ANTM success.


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