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Thin Lizzy

We have all seen the infomercials ‘try thin lizzy’- cue annoying New Zealand accent * Thun Lizzy * yet most of us have failed to actually TRY the product that is raved about more than Gillard’s take on ‘moving forward’.

Thin Lizzy is possibly one of the best facial beauty products on the current market and it’s cheap as chips…or in true thun lizzy style…chups.

With drawers full of enough products to supply the entire cast of Wicked I couldn’t care less about the whole ‘6 in 1’ thing (but that would be very handy if heading OS) I just love it as a powder. Made of minerals its perfect for a light coverage day wear as it doesn’t get that horrid ‘cakey’ look that so many powders seem to sport on their victims.

The beauty of this little gem is the combination of;

  • Coverage – Even just a light dusting covers blemishes and the more problematic areas are fixed with a quick few circular motions with the brush
  • Colour – Best bronzer ever!! Why? Because it’s not really a bronzer! So many on the market have that horrid added shimmer or leave you looking like Tara Reid. Thin Lizzy can be built up to your desired depth in colour and is 100% natural looking.
  • Formula – The crushed pearlized particles will give you beautiful, glowing, luminous skin as the powder reflects your natural skin tone. The particles are natural which is an added benefit in itself as it allows your skin to breathe.
  • Sculpt – After a few practices you suddenly find that with Thun Lizzy you have the ability to lengthen your face, slim your nose and heighten your cheekbones better than old NP.

So yes good old Thun Lizzy is worth the hype and despite the horrid advertising and name of the product I HIGHLY recommend it.


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