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Rub My Head

Every female is not only aware but in total acceptance of two things a man will never understand in relation to our crowning glory – our hair.

  1. It IS going to cost a fair bit of money – triple digits and most likely leaning towards the higher end of halfway to four digits than the lower end.
  2. It WILL take up the majority of a day thus why we reserve a ‘hair day’ every 6 weeks.

There is nothing better than a hair day and it’s even better if you are going out that night so that everyone can see your very expensive new ‘do’. (And because let’s face it your hair never looks as good as it does the day a HD has cut, styled, foiled, tinted and toned it into a golden halo.

Going to a hairdresser is all the more treat for me as throughout the majority of the year whilst I’m blonde I do it myself (and no I’m not a bottle blonde – I mix the PROPER hairdressing formulas together like a pro – yeah that’s right) however when I oddly decide to go a few shades darker I leave it to the REAL pros – after all there is nothing worse than that horrid green tinge many girls sport after darkening their hair shade manually.

The 5 best things about a visit to a hairdresser are;

1) If you are unhappy with what they do you can huff and puff AKA COMPLAIN until they change/fix  it  (unless it’s a short cut – then your screwed)

2) The endless hours of blissful reading, writing, fantasying etc without feeling even slightly guilty!

3) Watching the bitchy  ‘camp’ gay hairdressers and giggling inwardly at their feminine antics

4) The GLORSIOUS head massage at the end which is almost worth the cost of the appointment itself


Have a FABULOUS weekend!


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4 thoughts on “Rub My Head

  1. Regina Phalange on said:

    Grow hair grow.

  2. I would like to exchange links with your site
    Is this possible?

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