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What a HEN

A hen’s night is the celebration of a special friend who is soon to be taken of the market by getting married to someone whom we have long ago approved off.

Traditionally it was the last single night where a girl could be silly and frivolous with her friends, however these days it is delegated to every weekend minus the random naked man and party veil.

Nevertheless it is the special night that (hopefully) a woman will only have once which is why it’s her friends job to make it as special and memorable as possible.

I had my very first Hens night on Saturday and it was a HUGE success;

  • We began the afternoon at the Marriott sipping champagne as we got ready whilst looking over the sites of Sydney
  • An art class followed in the studio of the famous artist Tony Johansen; champagne was served with all the finger foods you could desire from Pavlova and jars of Lindt Balls to Cheeses and Gourmet Dips. Not only were we presented with a very saggy ball sack owned by our sketching subject – ‘the male model’ but we were  given the chance to have a giggle, take photos,  in MY typical fashion ask extremely embarrassing questions and WE ACTUALLY LEARNT. We learnt about art, great artists and sketching techniques. I would recommend this class to ANYONE who is having a hen’s night/birthday etc.
  • Champagne was sipped as we sat in Stanley Station pub and the bar staff kindly bought over a cocktail on the house for Veronica (it was here that we decided the veil was coming out with us every weekend.)
  • Not that we felt like eating after the delicious spread put on at the art class, but we enjoyed dinner at Bar Reggio on Crown St; the food was mediocre but the price was excellent, atmosphere electric and service commendable.
  • A crazy sculling fest-car trip ensued to Darling Harbour where many laughs were shared
  • Darling Harbour had that perfect magical quality to polish the night off perfectly and a wonderful chat in the sea breeze on the ‘darling harbour stairs’ was the perfect ending to the night. (Minus the minions AKA masses of 18 year old losers totally drug-fuc*ed – but more on that another time)

– The Hen and I –


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