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The 5 essential bags for every girl’s CURRENT winter wardrobe –

I’m not a huge bag person, never have been but I won’t say never will be – as I am a girl of many MANY constant new obsessions; however there are currently 5 bags that are essential to every girls wardrobe and a MUST HAVE for those who don’t own them. These five cover everything from your typical day at work or a night out to a cocktail function or weekend away.

  • Black Tote – Throw your stuff in this baby and walk out the door – it’s that simple. It goes with everything, is timeless and classic not to mention both social and office appropriate. The black tote is worth splashing the cash on as it’s just so darn wearable!

New Season Marc Jacobs

  • Statement Clutch – This is the ONE bag that you can team with simple black drainpipe trousers, a black turtleneck and still look effortlessly chic and fabulous! Make sure it is a statement on its own; whether it’s the colour, materials used on embellishments, fabrics, print etc. This should be one of your most prized possessions!

Sequined Prada

  • Side Clutch – You know the fantastic clutch that is small yet has a long chain? Perfect for dancing the night away!!!

Vintage Oroton

  • Laptop bag – Go for something eye catching that you LOVE! All the usual office drones carry those drab black chunky ones; go for a sleek, mock crock red case with an eye catching result!

Alicia Klien Laptop Envelope

  • Overnight bag – In winter it’s near impossible to visit a friend with only a spare pair of undies and singlet shoved in your handbag (which is totally doable in summer.) You need your PJ’s, extra socks, a blanky etc The Country Road bag is still my current favourite overnight bag (3 years running!) as its comfy, roomy and the perfect size!

Country Road


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