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How hot are some girls?

Yes, yes I know that if it wasn’t for my aversion to the vagina and the fact that I have a boyfriend many of you would be under the assumption that I was a full on lesbo. I am not. I just happen to like looking at very pretty things – partially to do with the aesthetic industry that I work in and also the creative counterparts in my mind. Because let’s face it the female face and form, is MUCH more attractive than the hairy, smelly male with a turkey goblet hanging between their legs.

Here are my top 10 current female crushes; (and don’t worry I won’t be frothing to much like I was a while back over Meagan Fox)

  1. Nicole Trunfio – The Australian model who has graced several Vogues, high fashion runways and ad campaigns for some time now finally took my notice as she stormed down the runway for David Jones last Tuesday, replacing and may I say overshadowing the reportedly knocked up Miranda.
  2. Willa Holland – Best known for playing bitchy characters on both The OC and Gossip Girl (two of my favourite shows), this young beauty is one gorgeous creature with her wonderfully weird features and stylish apparel.
  3. Jessica Biel – With fashion and beauty blunders spanning back to those horrid 7th Heaven days – Miss Biel has had to prove herself more than the average woman in the public eye. Well she blew away my expectations of her; beginning with the transformation from athletic tomboy to slender sexpot in the worst move of the year ‘Valentine’s Day’. But this look she’s sporting here at the premier for ‘The A Team’ proves she is one hot piece of ass!
  4. Evangeline Lilly – As an avid ‘Lost’ watcher she is possibly one of the most natural looking yet stunning women on earth. My gay flat mate and I both have a MASSIVE crush…..I thinks it’s a combo of the delicious dark hair and stark green eyes that emphasis her delicate facial features.
  5. Annalynne McCord – The GORGEOUS star of 90210 with the incredibly annoying voice, this beauty is one of the hottest young blondes on the current market.
  6. Abbey Lee – One of Australia’s biggest exports Abbey is currently strutting her way down MAJOR runways for fashion houses. Not what you would describe as sexy she alludes to a delicate innocence and pure, plain prettiness!
  7. Pania Rose – ANOTHER Australian model (so hot right now) this ethereal and natural looking woman is so slender and feminine; yet classically beachy with her splattering of cute freckles.
  8. Deborah Ann Woll – This actress is proof that redheads are either butt ugly or SMOKKKINNGGGG. Best known for playing Jessica in True Blood –
  9. Kirsten Stewart – The stupid bitch who gets to slither over both Taylor and Robert (Twilight), I’ve always though she was a slightly chubby and ugly idiot – until I saw this shoot for a fashion magazine. Get rid of her ugly short Goth hair and ghetto makeup and this girl CAN DO beauty.
  10. Rose Byrne – BEAUTIFUL! I thought she was amazing in Troy yet in the recent ‘Get Him to the Greek’ film she was UBER BEAUTIFUL!


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