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Walk In White – Walk Out Brown

That’s the promise you can be guaranteed from a professional fake tan technician and MAN do they know their shit! Having had only ONE professional fake tan since my year 10 formal (I am an avid believer that my trusty bottle of St Tropez will always give me that Golden Glow)  I was apprehensive to say the least as I gingerly stepped inside my little cubical my pale, lanky limbs covered in goose pimples from the cold. Two hours later my boyfriend was still trying to get me to come to bed as I continued to gaze at myself in the mirror.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt so god damn amazing about myself before!!!

Yes I do get similar results from a DYI but the depth of colour I was sporting would take hours to master not to mention repeated layers.

  • Cellulite is a thing in the past – I can happily say with WAYYYYY to much confidence that this tan has turned my wobbly ‘jelly ass’ into a firm looking, swimwear model ass! Go me!
  • Makeup doesn’t need to be worn – The colour COMPLETELY covered all of my current facial blemishes.

And yes I don’t care that my head has gotten so big my ears are quite obviously in different time zones as I LOOK AWESOME!

In our world and all of its superficial saturation it is hard for a woman to feel good – so go me and I would highly advise anyone who lives in Sydney and drives a car to visit this chick as at only $30 and the amount of self confidence granted your practically stealing from her its such a great bargain!

Or visit the website to find your local technician.


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