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Some People SHOULD NOT Have Kids

Apparently this is an opinion that I shouldn’t express but its true and the majority of you out there think it – I’ve just got the balls to say it…….

People should have a license to have children

In today’s society, being a parent is not something to take lightly. The future of our society and the world rests in large part on the role that the parents play in their children’s lives. After all our generation and those younger than us ARE the futures of this world. Just as getting married (which does require a license) should carry with it a lot of serious thought and questioning, so should having a child.

It is a MASSIVE pet hate of mine to see obviously incapable parents with children; usually a result of laziness with attaching a condom or the leeching of $5000 from the government. Man some people REALLY want that new plasma.

Here are just a few examples of why SOME people shouldn’t have kids;

  • You see teenage mothers with their multitude of piercings, tats across their backs and a cigarette hanging out of their mouth with a huge pregnant belly; not only is this child going to grow up in a trailer and receive little to no education he will probably grow into an even worse spawn of trash as a direct result from his useless parents.
  • The accidental pregnancy that occurs within young couples – if you can’t afford abort – (a better option is to put the child up for adoption but un-likely) truth hurts people but it’s true. People all over the country have kids and then they can’t support them, then people like me have to put half our wage towards their ‘ low income parents’ support when in actual fact they simply shouldn’t have had the bloody kid to begin with or should just get a real job instead of lolling around all day living of our hard earned wage.
  • When you hear women in the supermarkets screaming at their kid ‘ to geta fuckin move on’ as they drag the wailing child around the aisles. What lovely language you have in public and better yet bestowing it upon your innocent child.

Let’s just look at the biggest news story in the current media – the disappearance of Keisha Abrahams. Now without pointing the finger (ok I am) as if her dropkick parents didn’t do it!!!! Have you seen a) what they look like b) where they live? Even if it wasn’t them I say it’s bad parenting just to bring a child up in such a dissolute area.

Parents all over country sniff as they bitch that people like me have no idea because we can’t understand the joy and love that a child brings you. Um what about their joy? Their love? They aren’t going to be very joyous being bought up in a trailer sized apartment and a scrummy shirt while the other kids tease them. A life filled with zero travel, mediocre education and little experiences is just not good enough in a country which DOES have so much to offer.

So basically stick a condom on and grow up before you EVEN THINK of having and raising a child.

If you don’t agree with me watch the film Precious – then try to argue my point.


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