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Tits, Jugs, Boobs, Boobies, and Mammary Glands – Whatever you want to call them – over 50% off the population have them; they are actually just stored fat yet men droll at even the glimpse of them! Even the gay guys! They are currently in abundance in the fashion industry and is seen as non-pornographic but art, No longer seen as a risqué thing that only ‘ glamour models’ (trashy sluts that are trying to get their 15minutes of fame) do on the cover of Ralph, FHM, Zoo etc with their fake, plastic tits as acrylic looking as their fake tan, gaudy extensions and long talons.

Now the likes of Miranda Kerr, Nicole Trunfio, Pania Rose, Catherine McNeil, Abbey and Daria are all jumping onboard the nudity boat. Now I love a good naked pic (artfully done of course) and I intend to get them whilst in my prime however these girls aren’t exactly sex-pots are they? And their expressions that they pull signify that they seem to think they are. No offense girls but your anorexic bodies with flat sacks as boobs are not exactly products to show off. (Not that I am a sexpot considering my breasts are a closer representation of lychees than melons.)

With the joyous art of airbrushing today their sweet little nublets are quite often transform from sad little a cups (guilty) to plum C’s; which in all honesty is entirely unbelievable as no girl whose internal organs are visible she’s that thin is able to hold half their body weight on their chest.

Either way they are great pictures and good on them for getting them out, I guess this is just further more proof that life imitates art and the line between fashion and art is blurred to such an extent that the two are constantly intertwining.

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr

Nicole Trunfio

Pania Rose

Catherine McNeil

Abbey Lee


Have a great weekend!


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