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Can men and women really be Just Friends?

One of life’s most questionable questions – this topic has been discussed time and time again with opposing views from psychologists, scientists and society alike.

My initial answer to this question is to put simply …… no.

PERSONALLY I do not believe that men and women can be platonic close friends; upfront there are a few obvious exceptions to this rule –

• Gay male friends

• Relations

• Your boyfriend/girlfriends friends

• Your friends boyfriend/girlfriends

And that’s it!!!!!!

I used to argue so heatedly with my father on this subject as throughout my high school years the majority of my close friends were male. I constantly argued with my father that there were no ‘feelings’, that these guys saw me as a sister blah blah blah

I was that deluded and naive that I firmly believed these guys were my close friends and that was all and all it would ever be.

Years later I realize that the drunken kisses, fondles, skinny dipping and massive spoon fests were NOT  ‘friendly’ they were relationships spurred by teenage sexual angst mixed with the excitement of having a friend who you could not only flirt with but actually get jiggy with (if the need persisted).

High school is the one time in life when you are forced into friendships due to close proximity and peer pressure and over the past 3.5 years I have realized that only true, joyous friendship can be achieved through the same sex.

Before you argue let me ask you this * hypothetically if you and your ‘close’ opposite (straight) sex friend were both single and completely inebriated together – do you truly believe that nothing would ever happen? *

The answer will generally be no – it is human nature to be attracted to the sex that you find desirable and no matter how many farts, giggles and ‘friendly’ moments you have shared ultimately you have a vagina and he has a penis (or whatever your preference), the two mesh together quite well and by resisting the urge subconsciously or not – over the years the sexual tension will build resulting in one passionate night which will ultimately ruin the doomed friendship.

So ladies (and gay gentlemen) enjoy your female frolics and men can enjoy their boys night out – as the only way men and women can come together emotionally is through copulation.


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