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Hawkins Looks Hungry

Once the poster girl for the healthy Australian lifestyle it appears Jennifer Hawkins has succumbed to the likes of high fashion models whose primarily goal in life is to visibly protrude their entire skeletal frame under their stretched skin.

Gone has the slim, fit and toned beach babe – in its wake is a lanky, emaciated body which looks better fitted to a cancer awareness campaign rather than Australian fashion.

With the release of Jens photos before life in the spotlight it is clear the once chubby and slightly unremarkable girl has developed (cosmetically enhanced or not) into a beautiful specimen many men and women alike enjoy to perve at.

Until now.

In the photos taken recently she actually looks like she is grimacing rather than smiling down the catwalk. Her individual bones clearly on display represent something you could play for music rather than a female body.

I’m all for thin – I’m a Vogue addict – But Jen my dear anorexia is not suited to you at all so why don’t you do yourself, your career and Myers a break and go eat something.

And for god’s sake girl……get a tan!


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