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Green me Clean

Put your hands up if you want clear skin, white eyes, healthy hair, and an abundance of energy; I’m guessing that you all just shot your hand up so high you are now looking around guiltily hoping that no one notices the fist sized hole in the roof?

Thought sooooo!!!!

Look no further and log of as this is something you TAKE rather than APPLY.

By taking this amazing and wondrous concoction all of your beauty woes will be saved and you will no longer have to use the many great beauty products on the market to mask only EXEMPLIFY and illuminate just how amazing you look.

The concoction that I have been blathering on about now for 109 words is the relatively unknown ‘Liquid Chlorophyll’.

Having being taking this stuff every morning for the past 3 months I feel I am now at liberty to go on and on about it to all of you as I truly no first hand exactly what the effects are on my skin, hair and body.


On the odd occasion that I forget to take it or can’t stand the thought of it (it’s not exactly pleasant) at 5:30 am I seriously notice a MASSIVE difference while I’m at work. I become grumpier, my skin breaks out, my nails look feral and I have less energy than a sleepy fetus.

So what is chlorophyll?

Chlorophyll is the green pigment in plants and is responsible for absorbing and transforming the energy of the sun into the chemicals and nutrients needed by plants to grow. Chlorophyll also provides vital nutrition for the human body because it has a similar molecular structure to hemoglobin (oxygen carrier in red blood cells), which explains the health benefits and its ability to enrich the blood and provide energy.

Detox support

Chlorophyll is highly cleansing, it helps support detoxification in the body by eliminating toxins that can damage health. It also acts as a natural internal body deodorant and cleanser, has exceptional benefits for oral and skin care, and is a great source of magnesium.

Weight loss support

Chlorophyll detoxifies the bowel, liver, kidneys and bloodstream and helps eliminate potential toxins that can damage health. It also aids digestion and allows the body to process food more efficiently to maintain a healthy weight. When you lose weight the body releases free radicals – detoxing with chlorophyll can help combat any damage caused by these free radicals.


Chlorophyll has antibacterial properties and helps to support mouth, throat and gum health. It also has the ability to work with the natural bacteria in the gut to create a healthy digestive environment and promote the growth of good bacteria, which enhances the body’s natural defenses against harmful or bad bacteria.


Those suffering from inflammatory conditions will also benefit from chlorophyll because it helps alkalise the body. Degenerative and chronic health challenges are exacerbated when the body is acidic (acidity in the body is associated with lifestyle factors such as the consumption of processed foods).


1-3 teaspoons (5-15ml) in the morning, preferably before food. Dr. John Tickells (which is the one I take and yes yes HILARIOUS I know) Chlorophyll can be taken straight or diluted with water or juice. Shake well before use – I personally recommend having a shot of it like vodka – hand clasped around the nose and all – It is NOT pleasant.

Available at selected pharmacies for est. $20

However just like having a shot of vodka the effects are instantaneous and VERY well received.


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