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The Winery

The Winery is one of the four portico’s of the gazebo franchise; it is a bar, cocktail lounge and restaurant specialising in service for the trendy elite  Sydneysiders.

Located on Crown street in Surry Hills, the Winery is a popular venue with an extensive wine list (many of them imported) gourmet tasting plates and a tasty selection of dishes deigned to embed their memory on your tastebuds.

The decor itself is something to be noted with an eclectic mix of contempory design infused with traditional elegance and chic embellishments.

Last night I graced The Winery with my presence and was disgruntled to not be shown immediately to a table (I’m funny yes). Without a booking the wait for a table was roughly 2 hours and my only criticism of the place is that they should have notified us of this as we waited like silly chumps chugging down our vodka cranberries.

Growling tummies won the battle over eating there and after our drinks we made a hasty flee to a more subdued but nevertheless delicious Thai restaurant.

So I will definitely be returning there but only with a reservation (which must be made in advance due to an extensive wait list) as although standing and conversing s appealing to some – my ass likes to be firmly planted in one of those exotic thrones, drink in hand and delicious spread ready to be gulped down my greedy little gullet.

Click here to reserve your seats for perhaps next weekend as there is no way in hell you will get in this weekend!

Have a great weekend guys!


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