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Girl Crush – Clemence Poesy

Audiences first fell in love with Clemence when she appeared as the elusive Fleur Delacour, in the fourth instalment of the film franchise ‘Harry Potter’.

Both actress and model this French beauty has been gracing the screens, billboards and magazine pages for years now stunning audiences with her ethereal, delicate femineity; her beauty reminiscent of pixies and fairies (which I guess judges how she landed the role initially in Harry Potter).

Clemence has once again been granted a career opportunity most girls would sell their elbows for; and has been cast, shot and released the episode of ‘Belles du jour’ in the upcoming fourth season of Gossip Girl in which she plays *growling with jealousy* Chuck Basses love interest. Granted it’s for this episode only as he bloody well finally gets back together with Blair but exciting nevertheless.

On Set with Ed Westwick AKA Chuck Bass


Posey is definitely one to watch as her acting, looks and style have pulled her to the front of the industries radar – Look out high society this is one French bitch whose here to stay.

On the street Style


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