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NEW Revlon Product

This product has been getting such rave reviews from the beauty industry that I deemed it high time I tried it myself.
And surprise surprise I LOVED IT!
Every female want that gorgeous, dewy looking glow. The glow that most celebrities seem to radiate and the one which when usually tried at home results in an oil bath reflection – NOT GOOD.
This little beauty boosts the natural radiance from your skin by using a formula which contains light reflecting micronized crystals which illuminate on contact with your skin. Results are a fresh and luminous looking complexion which makes your girlfriends green with envy!
Just for the record you don’t get that horrid ‘shimmery’ look that heaps of current illuminating products bestow upon their consumers – Yuck.


Can be worn alone or with foundation. Turn brush arrow to “on” position and squeeze tube to dispense. For all over face, sweep onto skin starting in the center of your face, forehead and chin blending outward and down. To highlight, sweep onto cheekbones and browbone.  Synthetic brush is washable with soap and water (make sure to turn the valve to “off” before washing the brush)


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2 thoughts on “NEW Revlon Product

  1. Margaret Northam on said:

    excellent articles, could you do one on the best hair conditioners for long hair to get out tangles mainly
    marg xx

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