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Got Knots?

Hair – The first thing that gets noticed by people, the sun, the rain, and the humidity; basically it come into contact with EVERYTHING as an opening sight.

So its little surprise that when someone is exposed to the daily weather conditions (particularly in the harsh Australian climate) that many people’s hair isn’t exactly in tip-top shape and condition.

It is also is quite common for people to commonly think ‘shit that woman has bad hair’, ‘have you ever heard of conditioner and a brush’ or ‘Jesus Christ get to a hair dresser pronto’- all the while their own frizzy hair is standing on end reminiscent of a crazy professor cooking up a concoction in his lab.

Follow these 10 steps for revitalizing your hair:
1. Start with the basics – a great shampoo and conditioner.

2. Before washing your hair, brush it to detangle and rid your locks of excess styling products.

3. Ensure the water temperature  is below 37°C (body temperature) or your hair will become excessively dry

4. Massage the shampoo in small circles to stimulate the blood flow, rinse, then shampoo again.

5. To dry, pat your hair between your hands or a towel. Don’t wring it, as this can damage the hair cuticle

6. Massage in a small amount of conditioner, from the tips to your roots. Leave in your hair for a couple of minutes for the best results

7. Over-rinse your shampoo and under-rinse your conditioner to leave your hair silky smooth

8. Rinse out the conditioner with warm water, making sure you don’t rub your hair

9. Squeeze your hair between your palms or a dry towel, then use a wide-tooth comb to gently detangle it. (By using a de-tangler it will soften the knots and allow your hair to be combed easier which results in stronger hair)

10. Set your hairdryer to medium to avoid over-drying your hair!

Say hello to fabulous hair!

So what products should we be using on our hair for extra condition and nourishing properties?
1. Moroccan Oil Original Formula – Apply to the bottom half of your hair after washing while still wet and just wait for the amazing transformation! (Est $49 – Lasts FOREVER)

2. Keratin Hair Treatment – This treatment is performed at salons and although it is pricy it is truly the best thing you could ever do for your hair and the results last for aggggesss. (Est $250)

3. Redken Extreme Rescue Forte – Fortifying treatment which provides deep conditioning and repair to strengthen and restore distressed hair. Leaves hair conditioned with increased manageability and shine. (Est $35 – Click here to get it for $28)

4. Schwarzkopf Extra Care detangler – Spray on your locks after you hair has been towel dried and brushing will be easy as the knots will be gone! Also excellent as the conditioning properties protect your hair and stop the ends from breaking. (Est $5.95)

5. Tigi Rockaholic – Born to Rock Leave-In Detangler (Est $23.95)

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4 thoughts on “Got Knots?

  1. This from the little girl who had knots I have never seen before. Isn’t growing up wonderful. You could talk about curly hair as I need to do something with mine!!!
    Love you xxx

    • kellyleemccarren on said:


      Hehe I will always remember your patience with me and my horrible hair!

  2. Margaret Northam on said:

    thanks Kel your a gem

  3. keep it real, iight

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