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Rainy Day Reading…

ATTENTION : I DO apologize if you have come to my site today only to be abused with a ‘site under maintenance’ widget – nasty little bugger.

I am updating and re-newing Love That Red –  it was getting a bit drab.

I PROMISE it will be finished next week!! Then all of you lovely, avid fans of Love That Red will have something bright and shiny to feast your eyes upon (and some quality articles I can assure you)!

For the weekend I am giving you 5 articles I have previously published;

1) In case its sunny, check this place out….

Glebe Markets /

To be a successful market shopper you need the five essential requirements; 1) A great eye – You need to be able to look past the gaudy Marilyn Munroe knockoff paintings and diva leftover jewellery to find the great pieces that you came in hope of. A vintage lace fur coat (faux of course) READ MORE

2) To make you laugh….(well hopefully)

Boozy the Clown /

The top ten common mistakes we all make when drinking and will continue to make as, at the time they seem like a good idea. READ MORE

3) Just a bit of pondering on my behalf….

Great SEXpectations /

In a world saturated by sex it’s no wonder that the actual act of sex is suffering as a consequence. Sex is everywhere. READ MORE

4) To motivate….

WARNING – Health Crisis /

I got a massive wakeup call yesterday when my trainer told me that  a) my thighs were getting big and b) my health is appalling. At 21 I am APPARENTLY supposed to be sleeping well, maintaining an excellent metabolism and buzzing with so much energy I could run a 50km marathon……I think not. READ MORE

5) For those who actually would like to read….

Educate Yourself /

Knowledge on beauty and fashion won’t give you brownie points in the smart department which is why I think it is very silly and irresponsible to not be well read. Reading not only gives you discussion starter points other than ‘have you tried the new fragrance by Lancôme’ READ MORE...

This should take up…erm…20 minutes of your rainy weekend.



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