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Shiny Happy People

The say that shiny happy people are awesome and the envy of all those around them; in my current happy and very shiny sate I beg to differ.

I don’t know if it’s the change in seasons, change in diet or a combination of the two but my skin has recently turned from flaky and dry to a literal oil bath.

Where I usually coat my face in rosehip oil and other magnitudes of hydrating products before bed I am currently sleeping in little less than some treatment cream on my problem areas – yet I am waking up with a prominent shine to my t-zone that was never there before.

It’s yucky.

Not only am I waking up with it but it’s appearing with regularity throughout the day succumbing me to the use of ‘blotting wipes’ usually revered for the overweight and sweaty members of society.
– Because of the oil I have had to manhunt a whole new selection of goodies o help me through this erm…oily patch.
1. 10.0.6 ‘No time to shine’ mud mask –leave on for 10-20 mins twice a week and it should lessen the production of oil in your sebaceous glands. ($6.99 approx)

2. Dr Lewinns Medic Oil Control Day Fluid – where I just used a touch per day before this oil spill on my face; this tube of miracle has now become my life raft. I literally couldn’t survive the day without it. People would be mopping me up of the floor. ($19.95 approx)

3. Ella Bache Intex No 2 – My current fave product; this is one pimple treatment EVERY girl should own. Without the harsh chemicals that other acne creams possess (benzoyl peroxide to name a key offender) this amazing prod stops and treats pimples and oily prone skin without drying it AT ALL. It’s truly amazing. ($49 approx)

4. Dr Lewinns Medic Oil Control Foaming Cleanser – I LOVE THIS! I have been using it twice daily (morning and night) and it not only has been keeping my shine at bay, but also has prevented pimples from rearing their ugly heads and makes my skin feel all lovely and refreshed afterwards. ($19.95 approx)

5. Shiseido Matifying Moisturizer Oil-free – A lightweight moisturizer, with oil-absorbing powder, that helps reduce surface shine as it provides exceptional moisture to skin. Feels refreshing and ultra-sheer. I LOVE. ($61 approx)

So if you – like me are suffering from ‘outta control oil’ get you paws on these prodz STAT.  As for the rest of you, continue to be jealous of us shiny happy people and assume that our shine is merely a happy glow.


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