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Things I’m Going to Miss about Winter……

Spring has raised her pretty head (yes she is a girl because she is too nice and lovely to be a man) and I don’t know ANYONE who isn’t happy about this fact. Gone is the visible breath and frozen nose as you dash to the car in the morning and in its place is the soft touch of sun with a whisper of gentle breeze brushing against your skin.

I LOVE Spring – it’s my favourite season. Living in an apartment and owning a car which neither has air-con makes summer slightly unbearable at times. (Nothing is sexier than arriving AT work dripping from your own sweat – ahhhhh to sit in THAT all day)

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m from the beach so I do love frolicking in the ocean and wearing denim shorts in summer however this can be done in spring without the added film of sweat constantly stuck to your head and in other places that cause the dreaded chafing.

As an avid optimist I do like certain things about winter and I WILL miss them;

  1. The Fashion – Whatever fashion houses and mags tell you – a trilby hat and bohemian maxi dress teamed with chunky gold chains and a sleeveless vest IS NOT on par with delicious winter coats. (Then again I do have a slight coat obsession and currently own 43 of the closet hogging gems)
  2. The Excuse – When it’s cold and raining you are perfectly entitled to snuggle up with hot comfort food, blankets and movies guilt free. In the warmer months? Not so much.

  3. Peter Alexander Pyjamas – I would say PJ’s in general but there is a particular pair of PA pink and purple pinstripe PJ pants I am going to miss more than I currently miss my cat.

  4. Attractive Legs – Although I’m sure my boyfriend will beg to differ, I’m painfully aware that my few months of zero waxing and fake tanning are over. The pins are about to be released into the world again! Oh rats!

  5. The Game – My favourite game is over for the year; Hide and Seek. In winter it is oh so simple to craft-fully hide your burgeoning waistline and jelly ass under Nearly Nude body wear and tailored clothes. In spring the world is confronted with A LOT more of your body thus why workouts need to be amped up so I don’t offend anyone with excess flesh.

  6. Tights – Possibly the most comfortable item on the fashion market AND the easiest to throw on. I will miss being uber lazy and pulling a pair on with a fitted jacket and long shirt.

  7. Bed Socks – Every girl has them. We have our presentable pairs that we wear when company comes to visit (because we would NEVER take them off) and we then have our feral holey pairs worn down to a millimetre of fluffy material – however we wouldn’t even consider throwing them out! They stay in our draws only to be worn in front of our lucky boyfriends – who then get the added pleasure of feeling these unsightly socks rub up against their legs as we attempt to warm up, NOT start ‘something’.

  8. Baths – Soaking for HOURRRSS in them! It’s kind of feral to bath for too long when it’s hot. You end up feeling sluggish and lightheaded from the overheating. There’s nothing nicer than a book in a bath in winter – although I haven’t been able to do that this year due to a problem associated with the bath water being the colour of urine…

  9. MAX Sleep-ins – I don’t know about you but I find it almost impossible to sleep in during the warmer months. You get past 9am and the sun beaming in becomes unbearable. It’s not fun awakening to a sweaty body and a wet bed wondering if you’ve had a small accident.

  10. Weekends in the Country – It’s more fun when its icy cold and you can read in front of the fire. Also the arrival of the snakes in spring is NOT FUN!

I do hope I haven’t made you all regret wishing the warmer months upon us……we give up so much! Don’t worry I will post a piece on Friday detailing what I AM looking forward to in spring……


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4 thoughts on “Things I’m Going to Miss about Winter……

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  2. gonna send this to my mom

  3. yeah my dad will like this

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