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Things that I AM Looking Forward to in Spring…

So the other day I babbled on about the things I was going to miss about winter; it appears I could have held my breath however as I am writing this sitting in my lounge room shivering and enjoying my most holiest bed socks.

As I mentioned the other day, spring is my favourite season and there are many reason as to why this is;

  1. Less Washing – This sounds so petty but it truly makes my life a hell of a lot easier.  When it’s cold you have your pants, socks, underwear, shirts, tops, scarf’s, and jackets – this is just the daily wear! This creates a HUGE amount of weekly washing which is further worsened by the fact that it’s cold and it takes longer for your clothes to dry. (You should always air dry your clothes) Warmer months bring a pair of undies and floaty dress….and that’s it! Ahhhh to have less than 20 items in my washing basket weekly (Better than the current 40-60 items.)
  2. Fruit – Warmer months bring the best food in the world!!! Peaches, guava, mangoes, cherries, berries, pears, and plums mmmm the list goes on! I CANNOT WAIT!
  3. Thongs – Havs; possibly the greatest thing ever. You can take the girl away from the beach but you can’t take her out of her havianas! I used to own a pair in each colour but now I’ve settled into a black hav only routine. I have attempted to wear them a few times in winter in the city but blue toes are not a good look.
  4. Daylight Savings – I LOVE long afternoons, a few drinks on the deck, a BBQ ahhhhh LOVELY!
  5. The Party Season – Spring brings the party season of the year as we approach Melbourne cup and Christmas. I can look forward to the next few months filled with cocktails, balmy nights out on the town and many pretty party dresses.
  6. Shorts – F you Trinny and Susannah; sorry dears but your past your time and shorts are HOT. Denim cut-offs teamed with a white singlet and black havs are the epitome of summery days. So you can keep your ‘mumsy’ dresses and we will keep out shorts thank you!
  7. Flowers – At the risk of sounding like a total nana; I LOVE THE FLORAL EMBELLIMENTS SPRING BRINGS! So so SO beautiful! Check out the Sydney City David Jones Store for their floral arrangements or the Botanical Gardens.
  8. Europeans – Warmer month = HOT tourists. Bring on the Italians, Greek gods, and French swooners.
  9. The END of…. SPORT! Thank god it’s finally over! I know that other horribly boring sports like cricket begin. But the official end to the Australian sporting season is over and I could NOT be happier! If there is one thing I hate more than ugg boots in winter it’s the football, soccer, tennis, AFL gah the list goes on.
  10. The Beach – Lazy days spent frolicking around in the ocean is one of the greatest pleasure in the world…actually on that note excuse me while I go relax in Port Douglas for a week.



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