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Holiday Face

One of the best things about a holiday is that your life becomes low maintenance. Rather than sticking to a strict schedule per day involving everything from what time you go to bed/wake up to what you eat and how many days per week you exercise; you live a more relaxed existence.

Everyday my face is molested from 6am; I wake and wash and moisturize it before heaping a plentiful of goo which is meant to make me half presentable for the day; on my arrival home in the evening I wash, scrub, tone and moisturize my skin within an inch of obsessive nature.

So my holiday was about letting go of the restrictions of my appearance AND ME AND MY SKIN LOVED IT!

Of course you can’t go out in public fresh faced as not only would your skin get dry and burnt but it generally shows a sense of respect by applying a hint of something.

My FAVOURITE products that produce this very purpose are;

• My current fave prod ATM and one of the best prodz I’ve ever used (yes it’s that good). ‘Anti-Blemish Concealer from the Medic Range by Dr Lewinn. This little beauty is a 2 in 1 product that works to cover up blemishes whilst also effectively targeting breakouts of dreaded zits. The formula contains 2% salicylic acid which prevents further and future breakouts, it also contains orchid flower for moisture, green tea and aloe to calm redness (inflammation around the offender) and Canadian Willowherb which has been proved to reduce the bacteria which causes acne. The formula is lightweight yet has a good amount of coverage and it certainly doesn’t dry your skin like many other pimple treatments which contain salicylic acid. So basically it’s a super-prod that needs to make its way to your collection stat! (Approx $19.95)
• For sunbaking and a day at the beach I wouldn’t live without my ‘Invisible Zinc Tinted Daywear’ (Tip – Buy the ‘Dark’ formula and it gives you an awesome tan) I love the way my skin looks after using this stuff; healthy, all glowy looking and tan. The formula is zinc therefore it contains broad spectrum 30+ protection from the sun. A must have for any girl who loves the beach. (Approx $32.00 )
Natio Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20 is another fave of mine – I love the satin finish it leaves on my skin and the coverage is really nice and natural. (Approx $14.95)


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2 thoughts on “Holiday Face

  1. Keeping my skin younger and healthier is what I’ve been doing everyday.Great,I find tips about skin care.

  2. Keeping my skin younger and healthier is what I’ve been doing everyday.Great,I find tips about skin care here.

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