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A Life Less Ordinary

The 'Un-Ordinary' Seahorse

In life you have two options; to be ordinary or to be extraordinary. Basically it’s a true case of ‘to be or not to be.’

Now that IS the question……

Growing up I was adamant that I didn’t want a typical existence; I wanted to be known – to be great. It was one thing that attracted my boyfriend and me to each other – the fact that neither of us were looking for a typical boring life. WE prided ourselves on having the mentality that we DIDN’T want the ordinary; I didn’t want to finish school, complete uni, get a boyfriend, get married, get a mortgage and pop out a few kids – I’ve never wanted that yet I seem to be going down that path….

Here I am ALMOST at 22 and we have just bought an investment property (OK well he has but whatever), I’m a year out of uni and no closer to knowing exactly what I want to do with my life and I pretty much live happily in a world were materialistic values reach far more into my minds landscape than that of any previous ideas about living my life in any sorry of extraordinary fashion.

IN fact in this past year the only thing I have done OUT OF THE ORDINARY was an exploration of the 3rd world country Cambodia in South East Asia – and let’s face it my lack of enthusiasm about squatting over toilet ‘holes’ and the constant wiping of utensils with my sanitizer didn’t really strike me as ‘adventurous’ or gave me any sense of a ‘globe trotting personality’.

Over the rainy long weekend I settled down to watch a film called ‘Letters to Juliet’ – now I must advise that the film in question was one of the most corny, ridiculous love stories I’ve ever wasted 2 hours on and there was a scene at the end involving climbing up a balcony (no I’m NOT kidding) In which I actually threw up a bit in my mouth.

As a side note however the main actor Chris Egan (an aussie boy previously seen on Home and Away) portrayed a rather dishy pommy fellow with a penchant for witty sarcasm – I LOVED.


The film was shot and set in Verona and now I’m not only DESPERATE to go there I’m actually contemplating purchasing a one way ticket to Europe and escaping this ordinary trap I’m sinking into. In Europe I would meditate, eat cheese and bread DRIZZLED with Olive oil and drink galleons of wine – I know how very ‘Eat Pray Love’ of me.

So why don’t I pack it all in; move OS – Treat myself to an adventure – LIVE.


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2 thoughts on “A Life Less Ordinary

  1. Why don’t you just do it….. maybe responsibility or maybe you just have to pluck up the courage and do it…. If I was 22 I know what I would do. All of Italy is just as romatic and beautiful as verona… I say go for it………

  2. Yes! Do it. Just like Eat, Pray love!Except for the love part. haha

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