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Ok so its well been established that I try JUST A FEW new prodz a week which means that a few more little bottles or jars of joy squirm their way into my apartment each week.  (Much to my boyfriend horror as the majority if our apartment is already delegated to prod storage space).

This week’s FANTASTIC FIND is to begin with – an absolute STEAL at less than $15!!! Woohoo got to love a bargain!

The prod in question is by Australis and is a ‘Make-Up Finishing Spritz’ which comes in a handy sized 150ml.

What it is……

A light breathable spray that can be used anywhere anytime. The mini hydration-saver-mist provides an invisible shield over the face that sets make up perfectly for that ‘big’ night out and acts as an invisible barrier against temperature and environmental changes throughout the day. Formulated simply with rose water and aloe vera to maintain moisture and soft and supple skin.

What it does……

Keeps your make-up in place all day! Revitalises and hydrates your skin on a make-up free day as well as allowing for fewer trips to the bathroom for retouching. A handy on the go revitalising pick me up!  This fine mist is non-irritating and safe for all skin types.

Why I love it…..

It smells yummy, feels fresh on my skin and gives me that highly sought after ‘dewy’ look on my complexion.



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