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Life Sucks. And Then You Die.

Although I hate admitting emotion I AM in a bit of a ‘Life Sucks’ fug ATM and it’s not fun.
When you’re in these moods its hard to remember WHY it is that we strive towards different things, WHY we try so damn hard when we are all going to end up dead in the ground.

I’ll tell you why.

Because when we look back we can predominately remember the good – perhaps it wasn’t as notable, or standout as much as the crap does but its these tiny little moments in life that make it worth it; these tiny little moments in which we can look back on things with a smile and simply give the crap a courtesy wave rather than a finger we would prefer to give It ATM.

So in this fug usually its just time that eases it away but here are a few quick tips to lessen the ‘suckiness’;

KEEP BUSY – Clean, cook, spend time with friends. DO NOT LAY AROUND IN BED its detrimental not to mention LAZY!

Exercise = Endorphins = HAPPINESS!

Get your girlfriends to make you laugh, because I can ASSURE you that no matter how horrible things are; we can always muster even a teeny tiny giggle which will in turn make us feel WAYYYYY better.

• Think about 3rd world countries and the people in them. Yep I’m bringing out the GUILT GUN! Generally our issues are FAR worse (not) than starvation, death and extreme poverty and we always have a warm bed, security and comfort. REMEMBER THAT!

Spoil yourself – Relaxation may not heal but it sure as hell makes your wounds lesson their impact on us emotionally. Get a massage, have a bubble bath, enjoy some retail therapy or take a walk on the beach. Clear your mind.

And most importantly always remember that sometimes life does suck, and yes one day we will die; but its the things that fill our lives that ultimitly design our happiness.

Things will get better.

Life will get better.


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2 thoughts on “Life Sucks. And Then You Die.

  1. I ❤ U

  2. Exercise is DEFINITELY the answer. Yay for exercise!!!

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