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The Customer Is Always Right……..Right?


We live in Western culture – a society that prides itself on high materialistic values and the demand for consumer goods that is exacerbated by the competition from stores to sell people what they want.

It is through this notion that day after day, year after year retail staff have the mantra ‘the customer is always right’ jammed so far down their throat they are mumbling it in their sleep.

Recently a dear friend of mine was not only exposed to bad customer service (in fact the WORST customer service I’ve ever heard of) but a case which involved the ‘sales assistant is always right’ when in fact the customer (my friend) was ACTUALLY right.

It began with a lunchtime trip to MARY HOLLAND’s at Greenwood Plaza, North Sydney – just your average lunchtime shopping revendenous in which my friend hoped to purchase some new Pleasure State sets.

On arrival to this store she was ‘retailey raped’ by the sales assistant who was one of the those horrid assistants intent on bullying customers into buying their products, making those ‘helpful’ suggestions of extra items that should be tried on. Possibly trying to make commission?

Upon arrival to the counter laden, with her purchases, my friend was asked if she was interested in any of those extra items the sales assistant had ‘helpfully’ suggested, “I’d try the bra in black” my friend replied, she was told that they didn’t have it in store now but would she be “interested in trying it when it came back in stock?” – My friend agreed and passed on her mobile number, to be called when the bra arrived – mainly to get the pushy idiot off her back (as you do with the pests). She then paid over $200 for her purchases and returned to work.

Upon exiting the MARY HOLLAND’S store and carefully examining her receipt, she become aware that this sales assistant had charged her for the bra that wasn’t EVEN in stock.

Thinking it was a simple mistake she returned to MARY HOLLAND and spoke to the sales assistant who told her that she had (unbeknownst to my friend) in fact ORDERED that extra bra. My friend was then refused a refund on that bra she both wasn’t aware of ordering let alone actually purchasing.

My friend contacted the area manager of MARY HOLLAND who informed her that she would in no way shape or form be getting a refund.

My now very frustrated and out-of-pocket friend has since gone to NSW Fair Trading. After officials got a hold of the area manager, they were then blatantly lied to, being told that my friend HAS THE BRA, HAS WORN IT and HAS NOW requested a refund…….
A month on my friend neither has her money nor that bloody bra!

Is MARY HOLLANDS that desperate for $69.95 that they were willing to ruin their status and credentials amongst Sydneysiders? As that is what they have done. This is a case far from ‘customer service’ and is in closer reference to ‘daylight robbery’.

If I can give advice on one thing this week, it is to AVOID MARY HOLLAND AT ALL COSTS, TELL YOUR MATES and if you work in retail TAKE NOTE! ‘What not to do’. You would assume this is a given but I guess some people really do have a complete lack of morals; that combined with pea sized brains gives the worst possible expression of what customer service actually is.


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One thought on “The Customer Is Always Right……..Right?

  1. That is absolutely disgusting. Bad news travels fast though and retail karma is a bitch.

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