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22 Candles

It’s was my 22nd birthday last Thursday and I can hardly believe I am no longer 21 (boooo). The past year has been filled with many new adventures, travels, friends, laughs and slightly too much partying.
But as another year (age year not year year – clearly) passes I am probably not wiser, however these are 22 lessons I’ ve learned on the day that I blow out 22 candles…

1. Lentils are my friends – As an avid vegetarian for the past 8+ years it has actually been in only the past few months when I have truly come to learn to LOVE beans. Chickpeas, lentils, kidney beans etc vegetable proteins that add so much more flavour and texture to my meals whilst also giving me an abundance of energy and actually filling me up!

2. Hangovers get worse – as years drag on my ability to HOLD my alcohol and my TOLERACE for high magnitudes of the liquid courage is far higher. HOWEVER how on earth I used to work the day after a massive bender when I was 18 is beyond me; at 22 I can safely say that any night with a glass count over 10 will result in anything from a dull ache the next morning to a fully fledged suicide watch day in which I simply rock in the foetal position for hours on end willing my body to either die or recover.

3. Reality TV is just as good as gossip girl – WHEN its Jersey Shore biattttchhhh!!! In the past year I have been introduced to my FAVE ‘ guettos and gueduets’  JWWOW, The Situation and the crew as I watch and learn all these Miami colloquialisms; vibin, haters, smooshin, grenades, G.T.L etc LOVE IT!

4. Markets are the SHIZ – I actually entered the ‘Westflied Insider’ comp a few weeks back and its lucky that I didn’t win as I couldn’t imagine anything worse than advising people to shop at stores like Cotton On, Jay Jays and Supre all the time. YUCK. Only if you want to resemble a 14 year old. Mainstream chain-stores are fine for the occasional basic or TRULY AMAZING print etc but for true, individual style a wardrobe needs to be built, designed and developed over time. It takes MANY a Saturday morning scouring through markets, rummaging through Paddington boutiques and purchasing a few select Westfield items here and there to build a wardrobe that is stylish, chic, eclectic and original. (And NO I am not boasting this – hell I’m only 22 – still working on it!)

5. Adults still get pimples – the wretched things! I still remember my mother telling me that when I was an adult I would stop getting pimples. Alloy and behoy at 18 I expected to wake fresh-faced and zit-free! Fast-forward 3 years and still getting them. So the smart chook that I am thought hey that means that maybe it was OTHER CULTURES adult descent AKA 21 – wells obviously i’m 22 now and still getting them!

6. You cant always rely on your family, they WILL hurt you and let you down – that’s just life.

7. Birthdays don’t deem at such a high importance – As we get older there is no musical chairs, there is rarely singing and there are ZERO party pies – as we get older Birthdays Blow.

8. Older and none the wiser – despite my best wishes and hopes; I am still getting rip-roguishly drunk and sunburnt, am still chugging down cheesy pizza DESPITE being gluten and lactose intolerant and am making stupid decisions a 2 year old could rival as they flush down a wad of $50 notes.

9. No closer – to choosing a path. One year out of uni and I still have NO IDEA what I want to do. It would appear sometimes that I have zero morals and values. I couldn’t care less about sports or politics and have no faith or religion WHATSOEVER. This makes me beg to differ about whether I have any interests besides cocktails, travel, fashion and beauty? Am I seriously THAT shallow a human being!!

10. Beauty is MY LIFE – Although I am no closer to figuring out EXACTLY what I want to do, the past year has certainly made me realise that beauty is my passion and to be successful you should ultimately work within your passion.

11. Some people are less fortunate – After travelling through South East Asia and witnessing the poverty apparent within the communities I can safely say that I am far more appreciative of common western luxuries; say like a toilet – not a hole in the ground.

12. Older DOES NOT mean a growth in maturity – If anything I am less mature than a year ago! I still think its hilarious to imitate Indians, dance and sing along to ‘ the bird is the word’ and hang undies from annoying neighbours balcony.

13. The body that I have now – is the one I will have in 20, 30, 40 and 50 years down the track, so I need to treat it well. It is a temple and every single morsel that I put in my mouth, cream that I rub into my skin, muscle that I twist during exercise and extra drink I have on a Saturday night will determine my health and my body as I celebrate my 80th birthday.  This is why its imperative to look after yourself as best you possibly can whilst maintaining a great lifestyle.

14.  Primped is quite possibly the greatest thing ever invented.

15. There are certain things in life that NO ONE needs to know…it’s called a secret and everyone should have them. Things you wouldn’t even tell your best friends, boyfriend or mother.

16.  I’ve learned -
that even when you think you have no more 
to give, when a friend cries out to you, 
you will find the strength to help. There are times over the past year where I have literally been emotionally exhausted yet when someone you love needs you, you get up and be there for them.

17. Love can grow – even when you think it can’t get any stronger.

18. Taste buds acquire – before this year I HATED champagne, white wine and vintage cheeses. Suffice to say I now cant get enough…that may be a key reason of the development of the ‘Jelly Ass’. I’m still working on the red…hopefully by next year ill be sipping away at it like all the posh bitches at ‘Friday night drinks’.

19. Body Confidence As I get older (as cliché as it sounds) I become more and more comfortable in my own skin. Yes I’ve got small boobs, a ‘jelly ass’ and a bloated tummy 80% of the time but I think I look pretty damn good in my clothes and naky? DAMN sexy!!!!

20.  I am DEFINETLY a blonde – as much as ld like to have long, wavy, sexy chocolate brown hair it seems I am destined to be blonde considering every time I ATTEMPT to pull of brown locks I resemble something on par with a character out of the grudge.

21.  My friends are my everything. Even in the past few weeks I have been truly shocked at the love and support that radiates from them.  There are 3 girls in particular who I honestly don’t know what id do without and it has been in this past year that I have recognised how much they mean to me and the HUGE roles they play in my life.

22. The most important thing I’ve learnt in the past year is that we never stop growing as people, absorbing knowledge, felling pain and learning new types of love. As human beings we never stop broadening our horizons and developing into the person we will be in the future.


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3 thoughts on “22 Candles

  1. ‘This makes me beg to differ about whether I have any interests besides cocktails, travel, fashion and beauty?’ – Become a travel/fashion/culture etc. writer for a magazine or newspaper?

  2. loved you for 22 years and you are my beautiful sunshine. keep smiling sweetheart.

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