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Back to the Bush

It happens occasionally; you discover something that makes you both excited, astounded and giddy.

The joy of finding a product that is AMAZING, DIFFERENT AND SPECIAL all in one!

I actually discovered Bush Essentials Body Scrub yeeeaaarrsss ago as I was prowling around markets in a small town in North Queensland. I re-found it the other day as I was rummaging through my draws in a desperate attempt to find something that would turn my ‘fake tan’ hands (BLACK) to a semi-norm colour.

Oh and FYI this prod actually isn’t targeted towards the removal of dodgy, thick fake tan residue…it just so happens to be an added bonus and a miracle cure in getting rid of the problem.


What is this amazing AUSTRALIAN MADE AND OWNED prod?

It is a moisturising body polish that is used to remove dead skin cells by sloughing of the crap that resides on the top few layers of your skin. In turn this promotes a renewed appearance to the skin.

What does it do?

It dramatically smoothes, polishes and invigorates the appearance of the skin. Surface debris is polished away revealing soft, touchable skin in even the roughest spots like knees and elbows. The essential and Australian vegetable oils then moisturises leaving the skin baby soft and smooth.

What is it made of?

This divine product is 100% Australian made from natural sea salts, Australian macadamia and jojoba oils, a specialised blend of essential oils and vitamin E. The sea salts used are rich in minerals while the essential oils have been specifically selected based on their traditional properties and expertly blended to produce a wonderfully fragrant and nourishing mixture. 
Essential oils include Lemon Myrtle to soothe dry skin; lime to nurture dry and brittle nails; peppermint to invigorate and refresh tired looking skin; bergamot to energize the senses and patchouli to condition the skin. Base oils include macadamia oil which moisturises, replenishes and rejuvenates the appearance of sensitive, damaged, dry or mature skin; jojoba oil which is a well known and remarkable moisturising oil that conditions dry skin and the antioxidant vitamin E which is believed to visibly slow the ageing process.

Added bonuses?

Can even be used on the facial area (obviously avoiding the eye area). ALSO it leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and silky for 12-24 hours as the oils create a barrier between your skin and the harsh outside world.

In a nutshell…

  • A great all over body scrub
  • Soothing for dry itchy skin conditions
  • A great industrial hand cleaner
  • A fantastic foot scrub, gets rid of cracked heels
  • Its a natural deodorant
  • Opens the pores to clear acne
  • Helps detox through the pores of the skin
  • Clears of old fake tan to make way for a new one
  • Restores tattoos and brings out the colour
  • Clears head lice
  • Its great to shave with, stops beard rash
  • Stops ingrown hairs caused by waxing

Sounds pretty good yeah?? Can be bought online here although many markets are stocking it now as the demand and awareness of the prod is growing worthy of its amazingness!




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  1. Sounds divine

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