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When I Grow Up…

As I was walking my dog this afternoon I was hit by a wave of nostalgia as I saw a young girl with blonde hair jumping on her trampoline – just like I did – in the exact same school uniform I wore 15 years ago.


I could remember it like it was yesterday; coming home and eating biscuits, chugged down with a lime cordial then going outside to bounce around aimlessly till dusk.

All the while wishing I was a grown up.


I watched this little girl this afternoon who reminded me so much of myself, I couldn’t help but wonder if she too was day-dreaming about what it would be like to be a grown up.


This little girl without a care in the world, no responsibility and nothing to worry about aside from how many beans she would have to eat with dinner.


Yet too soon her world will be struck by outside forces, stripping her innocence. Forces spawned by the filthy world of sex, peer pressure, bullying, drugs and alcohol.


Now don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t go back to being a kid if you PAID me; I was bullied in primary school and high school is a blur of raw emotions, hormones and teenage angst. Yet I can look back now and realize that being called ‘four eyes’ and unrequited crushes may seem to be at the utmost importance – compare it to the adult world; body image, drug addiction, affairs, abuse, redundancy, financial crises and days jumping around on a trampoline aren’t looking to bad at all.


If I could go back I would tell the younger me to stop wishing her life away, being a grown up sucks at the best of times and life’s only going to continue getting more complex.


Oh and I would also tell her to stand up for herself, wear sunscreen and not waste so much time daydreaming about generally unattractive boys.


Did you enjoy your childhood? What would you tell your ‘younger self’?




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2 thoughts on “When I Grow Up…

  1. Margaret Northam on said:

    Ohhhhh Kel that was so lovely, and yes its not till you grow up you realise these things, and as your life slips away (quicklyI might add) you will continue to be nostalgic and realise the mistakes you have made but that is what life is all about, My generation thnak goodness was so innocent so we did not have so many problems to deal with, life was so much simpler back then, but we still got bullied, teased and thought boys were the be all and end all , some things dont change. But through it all you have grown into a beautiful, sensitive, human being, not to mention very very observant particularly about life as your blogs testify, Well done Kel I love reading them , I have a heap saved to read when I have the time. love Margy xxxxx

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