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Sand Between My Toes

Living in a world dictated by what we look like, who we are and where we go can be truly exhausting at times. Which is why it is pure luxury to get away from the false sense of bravado involved with the appearance of our lives and everything involved within it. In other words escapism…

I’ve hidden myself away from the world for the past week and it has been pure heaven. Me and nature enjoying each others company; the wind in my hair, sand between my toes, smell of sun on my skin and strength through my limbs as I wander along the beach pondering over the meaning of life.

It’s hard but sometimes we DO need to get away from our lives, clear our heads and spend time with ourselves. Turn of our mobiles and IPods and walk with our thoughts and our thoughts only.

As I venture back to Sydney tomorrow I will be returning with both clearer skin and a clearer sense of my life. A deeper tan and deeper understanding of who I want to be and where I want to go. Lighter hair kissed by the sun with a lighter perspective.

Yep the beach has done all that!

For those that just want some beauty tips from the beach….


  • Soft sand running and knee-deep water running are great exercises for toning the bum bum and legs.
  • Sun is the greatest lightening agent yet also the most drying. USE replenishing oils.
  • When you’re rolling about in shallow water use the sand to exfoliate your entire body. A natural abrasive which when mixed with salt water kills bacteria – the sand will become your sister in summer.
  • Whilst TANNING is bad I fully advocate the occasional natural kiss from the sun. Its full of Vitamin D properties, lessons depression, reduces acne and lightens body hair!!


Hope everyones having a great weekend!


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3 thoughts on “Sand Between My Toes

  1. Hurry up summer!

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