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It’s Race Day

I’m not really sure as to WHY Australians love the races so much but we do and this November proves no exception to the rule with the majority of our population attending at LEAST one race day…

Is it the inherent love of gambling? An excuse to drink during daylight hours without the un-intended associations to alcoholism? The fun?

Or is it the FASHION?

For me it is most definitely the fashion as I don’t give a squat what people think when I’m carting my brown paper around at noon (I joke), I cant stand gambling and think that the racing aspect is boring (also the jockeys yell at me when I try to pat the horsies) and well the fun? Well I have fun all the time!

So it is definitely the fashion that draws me in; the ladylike frocks, the hats, the gloved hands holding a delicate flute of champagne…ahhh. Yet like so many other dress-code occasions, many Aussies flunk miserably – even some of the famous flossies.


Preparing for the races is fundamental to looking and feeling fabulous; my top 3 ‘prep’ tips are;

  1. The day before, drink shite loads of water 3L+ it will ensure that your skin is all glowy and hydrated whilst maintaining a plump and youthful appearance!!
  2. If you are wearing a tight outfit pop a few laxatives the night prior (terrible advice I know but it works), the laxatives will erm ‘cleanse’ and ‘flush’ out your system making sure your bloat count is at 0%,
  3. Do a scrub and mask 4-5 days prior. This is imperative for good skin as if you don’t do it at all you will have dead, bacteria laden skin layers and if you do it TOO CLOSE to race day you may have residue blemishes that appear once you clear the surface of dead skin and bring them out.


A key element to any great look is your base colour. No one likes a pasty looking alien that resembles an escapee from the cancer ward – That said it also isn’t a good look when people mistake you as tangerine douche who cooked herself in a big batch of orange stew.

SO that is why you should either get a professional fake tan (request a healthy ‘glow’) or opt for a D-I-Y light coat of St Tropez.


The fascinator, hat or general piece of headgear is mandatory to a fabulous racing look. Now PERSONALLY I like just a simple oversized flower or overly embellished headband but whatever your preference make sure it’s a work of art…


Although Carrie Bradshaw would disagree when it comes to the races –Less is more. Along with your hat or fascinator, simply add a pair of nice heels that compliment your outfit and jewellry that only adds and accentuates rather than overbears.


As the races are held throughout the day heavy makeup is a MASSIVE no-no.  Start with a nude palette of beiges, pinks, peaches and soft browns and either have a bright lip or BROWN slightly smudged smoky eye as your statement.


Many ladies ultimate goal is to land on the social pages and to do this races attire must be followed in a fashion Gail herself would be proud of while adding your own fashion-forward flair of creativeness.

Whether your dressing in traditional racing attire or something that little bit more eclectic my biggest tip to you is to wear something you would deem appropriate for an afternoon garden party in which you were meeting your boyfriends mother for the first time…



So there you have it ladies – Happy Racing!


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