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Happened for a Reason…

Life is a funny thing. It manipulates, changes and pulls us towards different decisions that determine the course of our existence.


One seemingly innocent decision I made almost 4 years ago now is one that involved a very blurry phone call at 9am in the morning when I was extremely hung-over at schoolies. Apparent disbelief set in when the voice told me I had been given a scholarship to attend Bond University on the Gold Coast for a Bachelor of Journalism degree.


I didn’t accept.


Why? I have no idea why, looking back there were a multitude of reasons but none of them big enough to turn down such a magnificent offer. Yet I did. The forces of nature conspired with my decision making and accepted a spot at the University of Western Sydney – to study a Bachelor of Communications instead.


Sitting here – almost 4 years later, I can safely say that it was one of the best decisions I have ever made (right after swapping my year 11 bio class to a design one). There are many reasons why this decision was so good; my course, friends, opportunities and parties to name a few.


But today dear readers I am going to concentrate on a reason particularly close to my heart. The meeting of ‘the boyfriend’.


WARNING – The following is extremely sappy and may make you want to spew a little; read at your own risk…


Jarrod or ‘The Jaz Bar’ has been a permanent fixture in my life since I met him all those fateful years ago in February 2007.


You see the thing is, our hometowns are 6 hours apart, we have no similar interests and there are no reasons as to why we should have ever met – but we did.


Because of complications with my late acceptance I was drafted to living on a campus 30mins away from my area of study…. as was Jarrod. He was designated to study at Blacktown, myself at the delightful suburb of Penrith yet we both were sent to live at the tiny little suburb Richmond – a place where drink spiking and rolling in manure is not only deemed acceptable but encouraged.


After the few first days of on-campus orientation and my despair at the lack of eligible bachelors proceeded I couldn’t help but notice a blond patron move his way into the room 2-doors up from mine.


Unfortunately I immediately dismissed him as he seemed arrogant and was ‘too good looking for his own good’, all tanned and toned with perfect (yet gross) boy-band blonde hair.


FORTUNATLY after speaking to him that afternoon I realized that the ‘arrogance’ was shyness and we bonded over our inherent love for Vodka Cruisers (sad I know) and excellence in surfing…. (Yeah I totally lied – was trying to appear ‘beachy’ even though I’ve NEVER been able to stand up on a board.) Later that night we danced and drunk together yet even though I was hovering outside my bedroom door till 2am the asshole didn’t even kiss me!


The next morning I awoke slightly dusty yet decided to take my hot, skinny 18-year-old bod for a swim and a bake at the pool. Upon my arrival I was annoyed to notice Jarrod their with a fellow student. “Rats he’s going to think I followed him,” I muttered to myself as I sexily tried to master the application of sunscreen.


ANYWAY the other fellow (who had red hair and got burnt) disappeared and Jarrod and I spent the day discussing everything in the pool – and obviously ended up as red prunes.


That night I got drunk and kissed him.


The end.




I joke but seriously from then on we were inseparable and to this day and for the rest of all days I love him with everything.



How did you meet YOUR person?




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3 thoughts on “Happened for a Reason…

  1. Margaret Northam on said:

    yes Kel you did make a good decision back then but even if you had gone up north things would always work out for you and what you said about your sweety is soooooo sweet and Im sure he feels the same way about you, you little love birds xxx

  2. Regina Phalange on said:

    big brother 🙂

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