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Disorderly Eating

Low Carb – Low Fat – Low GI – Low Salt – Detox Plans – Protein Shakes – Multivitamin Juices – Fat Blaster – Weight Loss Pills – Atkins – Super-foods –

You get my drift?

While our obesity rates keep continuing to grow our health food and exercise industries are booming like never before.

Yet with the abundance of fatties wandering around, clogging our hospitals and fast-food chains, we are missing a key element in the unhealthy lifestyle sector and that is disordered eating.

An issue that is hidden under layers of clothing, personal training sessions and healthy diets.

Think you don’t know anyone with disordered eating? Think again – 90% of the time its your reflection.

Ever deny yourself something because it ‘will make you fat’ or ‘isn’t healthy enough’? Ever gorged on an entire packet of crisps? (My hands are up for that one) Ever stuff yourself full of so much food you feel physically sick…? Or starve yourself for days on end so you look skinny in a particular figure-hugging outfit…


Yep the finger is pointing at you ladies. It’s pointing at all of us.

The biggest problem is when this common disordered eating turns into an eating disorder

An acquaintance of mine has recently dropped from approximately 62 kilos to 43…she’s my height (175cm). How on earth this walking skeleton is still alive is beyond me but I’m sure her organs aren’t too happy with the small serve of oats and celery she’s delivering them daily.

I know other women who are ‘part-time bulimics’ – basically they don’t throw up after EVERY meal just some….

Messed up huh.

There are people I know who live off bad food, booze, coffee and cigarettes (a major appetite suppressant), others that are living off only 800 calories per day and sweating out a ridiculous amount of exercise per day.

Or girls who are using speed, coke and other illegal substances to curb they’re cravings and get them skinny. (Whoever said ‘Junkie-skinny’ was attractive seriously needs to Google Courtney Love.)

I don’t think these people ever really THINK about what they are doing to their bodies. As far as I can tell we all want to live to a nice, ripe old age…right?

So why the hell are we treating our bodies as if they are invincible, disposable and un-important.  We are no better than the 16-year-old losers that think they are invincible on their p plates going 170KPH until their poor parents are delivered the news that they have been wrapped around a tree.

Our bodies keep us alive, they allow us to get up every morning and appreciate the sun, go for a walk and smile throughout they day. Why are we willingly and self-destructibly shortening our lives by treating our bodies no better than a hooker treats her vagina?

We want this body to last us, we want to grow old…so why WHY are we throwing our futures away all for the desperate attempt to reach the never-fulfilling goal of what the media has decided is beauty.

Because the thing is – when we do treat our body as it deserves you will be at the size it wants it to be – which mostly is a healthy, fit size.

Some peoples healthy size might be a curvy 12, an athletic 10 or a petite 6 – but don’t ruin your body by pushing it to be someone’s else’s figure – that’s stupid and unattainable. You will always have a disordered perception when it comes to your body image as your relationship with food and exercise will always be warped due to this relentless pursuit of a size your body does not want to be.

Eat what your body wants to eat – When it wants to.

Move your body to feel strong and lean and healthy. Move to feel your heart race and your breath quicken.

The past 6 months have helped me establish my healthy body – No I am not a saint I do binge, eat bad foods and drink. But I listen to my body. I EAT WHEN IM HUNGRY AND I EAT WHAT I WANT (which I found is actually a hell of a lot of veggies).

I treat my body with a hefty dose of respect and I’m the healthiest and happiest I have ever been.

So lets try to stop this disordered eating, this warped perception of beauty, this ridiculous sense of body image and treating our body’s generally like sh**.


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