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Finishing Uni ?

Its that time of year again when everything starts both ending and beginning. Ending education either for the year or for forever and beginning the next stage of your life.

It’s been over a year now since I finished my degree. A YEAR – HOLY BEJESUS!

I feel like I was a student lifetimes ago not just a year as more things happened in the past year than they did through the entire 4 years since finishing high school!

Alllooott of people are finishing their degrees right now; there are plenty of pimples erupting on chins from the stress of exams, hours spent fitfully researching bloody references and hundreds of hours spent worrying over their future.

Why – Because it is damn scary. When you leave high school and are going to uni that’s the next few years sorted – now that you’re finished? Well your entire life is stretching out in front of you. So yeah it is pretty scary!


I thought I’d recap my year since finishing university. Hopefully it will help…


  • After finishing uni late October 09 – I spent the next 2 months fluffing about at Priceline with the beauty department and Christmas merchandising while bossing around the poor little juniors. (Just for the record I completed my Pharmacy Assistant certification in these 2 months also so I wasn’t JUST playing with pretty things J) I also spent the 2 months partying MY ASS OFF. And you know what? I deserved it. Id completed my degree in 3 years, some people don’t figure out what they want to study for 3 years after school (Case in point – My boyfriend) so I was proud and ready to drink…because I hadn’t been doing any of THAT through uni…
  • I stuffed around at Forster for 2 weeks over Christmas…literally stuffing myself full of glorious treats.
  • Early on in January I secured an interview with the first ever ‘proper job’ I had applied for and got it. (Yay me) Very exciting to have secured a position before I…
  • Spent 3 weeks in January travelling around South-East Asia; learnt a lot, ate a lot and climbed a lot.
  • Upon my return to civilization I began my position at a Marketing Agency while also bestowing my presence upon the youngsters at Priceline on a Sunday AND began my little gem Love That Red Pty Limited.  Gave up the Priceline gig (and my cost price cosmetics wahhhhh) in April and carried on working and writing until early October when….
  • I finished at the agency and started writing full time.

Hmm there was also a weeks holiday at Port Douglas shoved in their somewhere but I forget!


There you have it folks – Nothing that fantastic and nothing that boring, whatever you decide to do after uni/school etc don’t let anyone pressure you into doing something you don’t want to do and don’t do something just because according to the norms of society its the ‘right thing to do’.

Spend your life doing what YOU WANT TO DO.


However next week Ill be helping out with some ideas and tips for the next stage of your life!




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