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It’s Beach Time Baby!

Are you ready?

And no I don’t mean in that ‘annoying patronizing way’ that magazine journos usually ask in terms of being ‘cellulite free’ and ‘fuzz free’ ………………….. mmm maybe later.

I’m talking about your BEACH BAG!!! Is it ready? Stocked? Prepared? Ready to be annihilated day-after-day at the oh so glorious beach.

Top ten items that are must-have for your summer beach bag…

  1. Bikini…Uh duh.  But yeah a must have is your attire, (unless your uber confident and willing to bear all). To be noticed amidst the crowds go for something in a funky design, graphic print or a bright splash of colour. Check out Jets by Jessica Alken, Seafolly, Cosi by Jennifer Hawkins or for something truly different check out the selections from the up and coming designers at the weekend markets.
  2. Towel – A cute towel is a must. Check Adair’s, Sheridan, Seafolly, and Country Road for awesome MASSIVE style towels in luxe fabrics and simple prints.
  3.  Magazines – I would say that the best mags for the beach are the gossips e.g. Grazia or for a selected glossy try Madison as it has an awesome range of feature articles, fashion, lifestyle and beauty articles with an eclectic mix of world issues and sexually natured subjects to create convos amongst the girls as you lie there and bake.
  4. Sunnies – Even if they don’t suit you – the bigger the better for the beach. The larger lenses protect your delicate eye area from sun damage which leads to premature aging. Yucky.
  5. Broad brim hat. Not only will you appear sophisticated, stylish and chic compared to the other frizzy haired patrons, it will be protecting all your delicate skin areas and sun damage onto your hair. Seeya later split ends and bleached strands.
  6. Sunscreen Neutrogena is the best. It has the highest amount of UVA and UVB protection which makes it one handy trick to keep nearby. Carry an after sun spray with you at all times as well as even if you don’t get pink it feel ammaazziing afterwards on your hot, sun kissed skin.
  7. Hair Protective Spray – Protect your gorgeous locks with a spray that protect your expensive ‘do’  from the harsh harsh rays.
  8. Hydrating Face Mist – Use this every now and then during your sun time to bring back moisture to your face. This means that if you’re heading out afterwards your skin won’t appear dehydrated under your makeup.
  9. WATER – H2O! Otherwise you’ll be leaving the beach with feral dried out skin and a hangover esque headache.
  10. Friends! A day on the beach wouldn’t be the same without your girlfriends giggling; complimenting each others bodies, talking about inappropriate things at the top of your lungs and checking out all the ‘SITUATIONS’ capering about on the beach.

So enjoy a beach trip this weekend but don’t forget any of your essentials!


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6 thoughts on “It’s Beach Time Baby!

  1. Hey sweetie whats your email address so I can contact you that way as well.

    Love me xx

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  3. Sonya on said:

    Great summary – couldn’t agree more with #2. I love my big Sheridan and Country Road beach towels. I have a few different colours and patterns to go with whatever bikini I am wearing.

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