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Favourite Weekly Prodz…

Revlon Lip stain ‘Just Bitten’ – Remember when you were a little kid eating a red icy pole? The next day it looked like you were wearing lip colour and it was the only way because our silly old mothers didn’t let us wear makeup…Lip stains are a gorgeous way to obtain that fresh, youthful look while simultaneously offers an array of colours that stems further than ‘fire engine red’. This newly released prod by Revlon gives your lips a fantastic natural looking colour that stays on all day PLUS it has a balm attached to the other side with supersonic moisturising properties!

Innoxa Firming Lotion – This luscious cream is specially formulated to help lift & restore your skin with the added benefit of sunscreen for more youthful looking skin. Mix it with your foundation and rub over your face for a glowy, healthy looking complexion that screams radiance.

Neutrogena Ultimate Sport Sunscreen – Ahh the sunscreen spray…for us lazybones who cant be bothered spending 5 minutes coating our bods in lotion. Now we all know that I LOVE the Neutrogena sunscreens as it has the HIGHEST amount of protection available in oz, feels light and non-sticky/non-greasy AND it smells all beachy and summery mmmm. So chuck a can of this in your beach bag and your all set! (The added bonus to this new prod is the fact that it has a higher level of sweat/water resistance so you can flaunt around on the beach playing Frisbee to your hearts content!)

Bobbi Brown Crystal Lip Gloss – This is one of those glosses that women spend hundreds of dollars on and hundreds of hours in an attempt to find. Its that clear gloss that give off a SUPER SHINE; so shiny in fact that people can almost see their own reflection…now that is one thing we all need stat!

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