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Miss Country Girl Australia

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the finale of ‘Miss Country Girl Australia‘ a modeling contest that specialises in providing an outlet for girls in rural areas to be spotted by industry leaders and experts.

The event was held on a cruise that sailed around the gorgeous Sydney harbour for 4 hours as the night unfolded. The soirée was set up in gorgeous colours with accentuated motifs that represented the feel of the night. All seats were given a perfect line of vision of the catwalk red carpet and our chairs were garnished with a gorgeous pink goodie bag filled with luxe scented candles, decadent moisturises, energy shots and an abundance of samples and discount vouchers alike.

The evening began with a mix and mingle of the guests as we sipped on chilled champagne and cocktails served in vintage inspired goblets, and deliciously light finger foods to tingle the tongues of even the snobbiest of foodies.


The crowd was an eclectic mix of industry experts like Ursula Hufnagl (Director of Chic Management) and the lovely Kerry Chow (Marketing Manager of Seafolly), Sydney celebrities like Demelza Reveley and Jordan Loukas, X-Factor contestants for entertainment and a mix of media peeps (like meeee) and the general public (generally the finalists families).

As the night wore on and the finalists were strutting their ridiculously skinny bodies down the runway before they were narrowed down to 11, the photographers from the likes of Fashion TVThe Daily Telegraph and Long Shot Photography scurried about in an even more frantic posse as they snapped away at the pretty girls.

Miss Country Girl Australia was actually only begun last year by Katie Jones who at ONLY 21 YEARS OF AGE is on her way to being one of Australia’s most successful young women.
As a side note Katie was wearing a floor-length silver sequined dress that almost no one could pull off – and she looked bananas! SO GORGEOUS!

The judges chose young Karlee O’Donnell as the winner of this years ‘Miss Country Girl Australia’ pagent and at only 14 (I almost died when the judge asked her where she hoped to be in 5 years with her answer being ‘well I will have just finished high school’………) she has many years to develop into her beauty and (hopefully) a very successful modeling career.

After all country girl Miranda Kerr was discovered at only 14….so this hot young thing is certainly one to watch.


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2 thoughts on “Miss Country Girl Australia

  1. karlee you looked amazing!, cant wait to see you at school! (: xx

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