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Once You Pop You Can’t Stop

When my best friend used to tell me that she looked forward to festivals more than her birthday or x-mas, I would roll my eyes and feel sorry for what I thought must be her tremendously shit birthday and x-mas celebrations.

When my friends used to spend weeks in preparation for festivals planning their hair, makeup and outfits while simultaneously starving themselves and tanning I continued to shovel food down my greedy gullet and reminisce about the only time I ever went to the much effort – my year 10 formal.

When facebook would be afflicted with the many rapping’s of festival pics and ‘mad fun’ status updates I would sniff disdainfully and cozy back up with my book.

Why did I think all this? Firstly its because I hate being uncomfortable and I always associated sweaty meatheads and the lack of a loo with intense amounts of uncomfortable-ness. Also I’m a bit of a socially retarded nerd sometimes and am on par with a obese woman amongst supermodels in modes of levels of social graces.

I also find the price obscene as is the additional hidden costs like alcohol, a new outfit, transport, your tan etc etc etc.

So at the beginning of the year my dear friend gave me a free ticket to Future music and I went with immense trepidation. Unfortunately after 10-to many cocktails the night before I was what may be described as ‘slightly’ under the weather and could barely stand up yet drink and dance enthusiastically.

Thus why I was still under slight cynicism to the notion of festivals.

That said I was planning on attending Stereosonic that was held on the weekend, before limited funds stopped my pursuit of a ticket. My friends (gorgeous girls) bought me a surprise ticket and began my prep for my first ‘proper’ festival experience. And it was AWESOME. Seriously it could actually be one of the greatest days of my life in terms of the fun level (even though my inebriation levels have blocked ermmm well most of it). No I did not buy a new outfit or diet excessively but I did look forward to it and I did get a fake tan (which makes you APPEAR as if you’ve lost roughly 3kg).

So the day arrived and my friends hauled my drunken ass around as I danced and danced and danced. And had the time of my life. And yes I may dance like a damn fool (which my lovely friends were explaining to random strangers was reason because of the fact that ‘I’m from Forster’) but I couldn’t care less I had so much fun.

So now the cynical festival hater is gone and a vibing junkie has replaced her.

Here I come – fist pumping like a champion. (That’s a Jersey Shore joke…..)


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2 thoughts on “Once You Pop You Can’t Stop

  1. what a beautiful girl. Glad you are enjoying life and having fun……

  2. makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages

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