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But It’s Prada Daaarrhhhlliiinnggg…

Flicking through my latest edition of Vogue yesterday, I was horrified to come across THIS

The ‘fashion’ editor actually used an image similar to the above, DETAILING how ‘this collection is a reminder that fashion needn’t be too serious’… well obviously I wouldn’t take the fashion to seriously if someone was wearing this as I would be on the ground laughing thinking it was a joke. Its absolute bollocks and the only person this ‘new-age, coukoo’ print should be seen on is my 75-year-old grandma as she does her weekly weeding. (And I only say this because my grandmother actually DOES have a shirt with a similar banana print on it that she does wear whilst only doing the dirtiest of gardening.)

It absolutely cracks me up how pretentious and full of it the fashion industry can be sometimes. The creative director of Prada (I’m pretty sure its still Miuccua but I could be wrong) brings out this god-awful collection involving prints so ugly the only person who dresses herself that would be wearing them is Tavi (the fugly 14 year old blogger who dresses in a blanket and vintage stuff that never even sold in its era), and industry experts  all over the world pat her on the back telling her how fabulous she is!

Everyone really needs to stop lying.

Lets call it exactly what it is and tell the truth! The collection is uglier than gollum…..covered with excrement….pulled behind a moving vehicle Troy style.

Other design critiques…

The shoes look like something you would find in Parramatta…. in the $5 bin.

The models are absolute dogs that resemble men almost too well. There’s nothing ‘creative’ about that.


(I do apologize for being so mean Mr and Mrs Prada, your collections usually inspire me to dress more chicly and elegantly…but do clean up your act.)

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