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All I Want for Christmas…

Ok so there’s a few things on my wish list I know I’m getting, but there’s also a few things I may not…….A girl can dream!

1. Alannah Hill Clutch Bag. I LOVE the embellished details on her clutch bags, they are so whimsical and reminiscent of Alice and Wonderland.

2. Gold Snake Arm Band. Because they are ‘Bananas’ as Rachel Zoe would say. I’m DYING for one!



3. A Penthouse Apartment in Elizabeth Bay or Paddington 🙂


4. Board Games. I’m extremely cheesy when it comes to playing games, I LOVE them! Yet I dont have many so bring them on!



5. A Gold Locket. I’m just kinda obsessed with gold jewellery with a vintage flair. Lockets are so 1800’s yet timeless.

6. Kinetic. To go with my Because I love WII and this is way more awesome.



7. A Chunky Gold Mens Watch. For casual wear, I love how boho they look against a female wrist. They add an eclectic touch to a simple, chic outfit and look fabulous paired with a delicate bracelet and long, thin gold necklaces.




8. A Tropical Holiday of course! Not because my life is so stressful….because I love lying on the beach, swinging in hamocks and enjoying happy hour EVERY day!

Whats on your Christmas wishlist?




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