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Beauty Trend: Arabian Nights

I was trawling through beauty articles last night when I came across THIS; this amazing makeup look that can only be described as a creation.  It’s so ethereal and whimsical yet has a tough edge, which leads me to think of it as very ‘Arabian nights’. This look would be perfect teamed with a simple black shift dress, some chunky accessories and flat black sandals. Someone please take me to decadence in Abu Dhabi now.

So just because I’m so nice dear readers, I spent the next 40mins attempting to re-create this look so I can lead you in the right beauty direction as this beauty trend would be perfect for a themed summer party or NYE. In fact I might have a party just so I can bust out this luxe look. Suffice to say my boyfriend got the shock of his life coming home to this paired with limp hair and a daggy old shirt on.

Surprisingly it wasn’t too hard to near-replicate, although I do have pretty good skills when it comes to wielding mascara wands and brushing colour on to my lids (so modest.)


1. Wipe, moisturise and prime. I’m loving Cucumber wipes by Yes to Carrots, Skinactive day/night cream and Red Earth Primer.

2. Apply your desired foundation/concealer over your face and neck. BLEND. Loyalty wins with my current faves,  Napoleon Perdis – Patrol, Conceal It and Sheer Genius Liquid foundation. I’m currently using a brush kit by Natio and by the cheap price I’m extremely surprised by the quality of the bristles.

3. Top with a translucent powder. I’m loving Revlon Photoready Translucent finisher ATM as its fab! (Dear god someone needs to shoot the barbie that lives within me-she’s such a happy little pest)

4. Employ a shite load of bronzer to get that mediterranean  glow. You are all very aware of my loving relationship with Thin Lizzie. Sweep her all over before concentrating on your cheekbones but as shown in the pic , don’t start to close to your sweet little nostrils.

5. Use a black kohl eyeliner starting ¾ along your rims and blend with a cotton tip outwards into a cat eye (aiming towards the top of your temple). I love the cheap and chic eye pencil from Rimmel, great-pigmented colour and glides on smoothly. (As with any kohl pencils DON’T rub your eyes, your chic look will be smeared down your face).

6. Use a black eye SHADOW to colour in the eyeliner and sweep in an arc towards your temples. An oldie but goodie is Red Earth Onyx Shadow.

7. Apply a silver and white pencil to thickly outline your inner eyes. This will create that fabulous ‘dance party’ look which also makes your eyes POP. Try MAC white liner and Pupa silver eyeliner to get the look.

8. Sweep truckloads of a black mascara over your batting lashes. Napoleon Perdis Long Black Mascara is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

9. Stain your lips with just a touch of colour and gloss. I used a hint of Maybelline’s Bronze Beam lipstick with a light coat of Napoleons Coral Island gloss over the top concentrating on the middle of my lips. (This technique gives you an awesome full pout.)

10. FINALLY  finish the whole look of with Napoleon Perdis Loose Eye Dust in Star Light. Dust it over your forehead concentrating on the area near your brows, the bridge of your nose and just under your inner eyes.

Fantabulous I think!!!

I do think that this look could work on any night out but you should probably tone it down a bit or the managers at the cross will pull you on stage to perform cabaret.

Anyway if anyone does successfully pull this look of, please do forward me on a pic so I can perve 🙂


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